Beauty stuff that I'd rather not live without

Ah, Lush. How I love thee.

Yesterday I visited yet another Lush shop (have I been to every Lush in London by now?) and stocked up on some essentials. I don't know what it is about Lush salesgirls - every time I come in there, I find someone I want to be best friends with. They're all so nice, and never in that "I'd tell you you're Rosie Huntington-Whiteley just to make you buy the huge £45 gift package" way. And even if they never do the sale push, still I always end up buying lots of stuff. Like this time.

 There are some things in my bathroom cabinet (ok, in the beauty bag I take with me when I go to the shared bathroom in my shared flat...yeah, my life is so posh) that might not be lifesavers, but they've definitely rescued me from more than one bad hair- or skin day. Here is

Tea Tree Toner, Lush - I don't care what all the beauty editors say, I love toner. If I stop using this, my skin sure is going to feel it (I left it at home when I went on holiday once and let me tell you, there were eruptions. I'm talking actual volcanoes on my face). And plus, it's vegan.

Enchanted Eye Cream, Lush - a friend once commented "wow, Sascha, you have no lines at all around your eyes! You look great for 29" (yes, this was still when I was 29, sigh). Of course I told her about this cream - that's what friends do!

Chocomania Body Scrub, The Body Shop - this smells like chocolate. Enough said.

Sympathy for the Skin body moisturizer, Lush - I remember when my mum first bought this. I used to walk by the fridge just to smell it. It's like a banana and vanilla smoothie for your skin...except that it's vegan.

Catastrophe Cosmetics Mask, Lush - this was advised to me by one of those Lush salesgirls, resulting in me spending every Sunday night sitting around with a purple face, smelling like blueberries. And is there a better way to spend a Sunday night? I'd say not.

My makeup bag is a similar story. I must say that right now the situation is somewhat confused by the continued inflow of little gifts that come free with magazines (wow, UK mags sure are generous with the beauty booty!), but most of my day-to-day beautifying must-haves are still all me.

Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation, The Body Shop - when I ran out of this just before going on my latest holiday, hell erupted. I HAD to get to The Body Shop at Stansted even at the risk of boarding the plane last (the horror) just to ensure I wouldn't have to settle for some cakey, pale, porridge-y excuse for a foundation. This base is part of my skin these days - it pretty much IS my skin. Or at least, I'd prefer it to be. Shade: 102

Mineral Blush, e.l.f - there's something about this mineral thing. Or maybe it's just that this colour never fails to make my mood lift that extra bit. And it's only £5! Shade: Joy

Brush on Bronze, The Body Shop - once again, my mum was the first to use this! I never realized how many of my beauty habits come from her. This is more than a vanity thing for me - it's a true essential. Without this bronzer, I'd be so pale that vampires would probably kidnap me, certain to be saving one of their own.

Vanilla Body Mist, The Body Shop - I'm not sure what they mean by "body mist" - for me, this is perfume. Sweet, sinful, seductive, as perfume is supposed to be. And I love it. Or I loved it, until my boyfriend casually mentioned that his ex-girlfriend used to wear the same scent. Crap.

Lipstick, e.l.f - this is everything. I don't even go outside the house to take out the bins without this on. I'll happily give up my last name when I get married without it causing any feeling of loss of identity, but if this lipstick is ever taken away from me, I'd never feel like myself again. And I love it that the shade is Fearless.

Of course each and every one of these products is cruelty free!

What are your beauty essentials?


  1. You picked up some great stuff! I definitely want to try that enchanted eye cream from Lush!

  2. We have very similar tastes! :) I love Lush, I could buy every product if I had the money. Catastrophe Cosmetic is my favourite of their fresh masks range, it's lovely. Who doesn't want to apply squashed blueberries to their face? :)

    I also love Body Shop fragrance mists, an essential of mine and featured on my blog today too!

    Lyndsay xx

  3. Jag älskar lush! Vilka fina bilder ;);) <3

  4. Io provo un amore incondizionato per Lush!Mi piacerebbe molto provare la crema occhi,ma non penso di averla mai vista nel piccolo negozietti vicino a me!


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