Beauty stuff that I'd rather not live without

Ah, Lush. How I love thee.

Yesterday I visited yet another Lush shop (have I been to every Lush in London by now?) and stocked up on some essentials. I don't know what it is about Lush salesgirls - every time I come in there, I find someone I want to be best friends with. They're all so nice, and never in that "I'd tell you you're Rosie Huntington-Whiteley just to make you buy the huge £45 gift package" way. And even if they never do the sale push, still I always end up buying lots of stuff. Like this time.


Mix tape: songs I love and my boyfriend hates

I will forever be grateful to David for inspiring my taste in music. When I say "inspiring" I mean actually providing me with a taste in music. Before I met my significant other, who's a guitarist and guitar technician, I listened to some things I'm seriously ashamed of today! There are bands and artists that David actually introduced me to - Dream Theater, Gary Moore, BB King (I knew who they were, but I'd never listened to them) and there are those that he helped me re-discover and re-fall in love with, such as Queen and Nirvana.  And then there are bands that I got obsessed with on my own - Led Zeppelin, Green Day, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Pretty Reckless - but only because I now have a taste in music, and that's thanks to him. But the bitter truth is there are things we'll never have in common, musically.  Here they are.

Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful

David can't stand Lana Del Rey. I adore her. I think she's one of the very few true artists of this particularly gloom music moment. I love singers that actually have an idea of who they want to be and stay true to themselves, and Lana does that every time she sings. This song is, in my opinion, her best one to date - but maybe I only think so because I loved The Great Gatsby. David loved the film too, but while he can admit that Lana's song was right for it, he still claims it bores him to death.


Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.


"Also, remember, sisters make the best friends in the world." - Marilyn Monroe

On this vacation...

My sister (the one in the middle) became a wife. I wore the world's most hellish shoes to her wedding, cried my eyes out during the ceremony and felt a kind of pride that I've rarely felt before.

I had vegan ice cream. Like ten times.

Stockholm was unashamedly drenched in beautiful sunshine all week.


Lucky number 30

People will tell you that 30 is the end of youth. They'll claim that when your age no longer starts with a 2, you're practically confined to a life made up of mortgage stress, dirty diapers and spending Friday nights watching game shows in your old slippers with a hole on the big toe matched only by the emptiness that now lives where your youthful spirit once was.

I'm here to tell you that's all crap.

30 is fabulous. It's the beginning of what you finally understand is the real you. Gone is the aimless (yet so important!) experimenting: you know who you are, what you want and in some cases even how to get there. You're aware of the person you are or at least the one you want to be.


Proud Moment: Little Sister Getting Married!

There comes a moment in every sister's life when you feel like, darn it, my sister's way more grown-up than me. That moment usually comes when you see her, all of 20 years old, pacing nervously back and forth in a church hall, stumbling on her wedding dress - but then gliding down the aisle gracefully, confidently, with a smile that wins over a hundred hearts.

There are no words for how proud I am of my sister. Not only is she one of the most beautiful human beings I've ever had the privilege to know, truly gorgeous inside and out, but she's also intelligent, funny, witty and mature beyond her 20 years. Her passion and diligence for her studies and work inspire me. Her battle with ongoing problems shows her strength of spirit and undying, can't-beat-me attitude. And her love for her new husband is just endearing.


Heading Home

When I travel, this is the look I tend to go for:

...and the look I usually end up with:

Once again I find myself sitting on the floor immersed in clothes, trying to make sense of what must be the world's biggest carry-on (containing, so far: hair straightener, two pairs of shoes, ten pairs of undies, an iPhone charger, the latest issue of Cosmo and a handbag...yet to contain the computer I'm typing this on). Once again I'm close to tears over how much I hate Ryanair - why a 15kg limit? Why? Why? All of the normal airlines (EasyJet) offer 20kg. Why I'm not flying with those? Well, for starters they don't fly to Stockholm anymore. And that's where I'm headed tomorrow.


It's My One-Year Vegan-Versary!

I can't believe I've been vegan for a whole year!

When I started on this adventure a year ago (still living in what must be one of Europe's most vegan-unfriendly countries), I had no idea where it would take me. To be completely honest, I was convinced that I wouldn't last a month. And here I am, one year later and more vegan than ever!


hi, I'm Sascha's early birthday present.

Hi, I'm Sascha's new wallet.

Her lovely boyfriend bought me as an early present for her birthday, which, by the way, is a week from Friday. She absolutely loves me - but who can blame her? Her old wallet was beyond bin-ready. I mean, no offense, it's cute and all, but honey - stripes? Purple stripes? Um, no. Now that Sascha's turning the big 3-0, she's going to need an adult wallet. A sleek, chic, understated one. One that goes perfectly with all her outfits and that gorge Jill Milan bag.


Things I Love Movies: The Great Gatsby

When I was about thirteen years old, my mother gave me F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender Is the Night to read, among the heaps of books she constantly supplied me with. I got more or less halfway through it before my thoughts got occupied with more important things: the boy in my class, what dress to wear or my future career as a Hollywood star. Seventeen years later, I can't help but blame my mother's precociousness: you can't possibly place such an artwork in the hands of a child and expect her to understand it. I guess what my mother wanted was to set me apart from the bubblegum-chewing, Spice Girls-adoring, pink jeans-wearing army of identical teenage girls that crowded the streets of Stockholm where I grew up. In some ways she succeeded, but it was still early days.

I revisited Fitzgerald about a week before yesterday, when I finally saw my favourite director Baz Luhrmann's version of The Great Gatsby. I have always been partial to seeing the movie before reading the book (I recognize this is somewhat of an unpopular opinion, but I find that knowing what the characters look and act like saves me the trouble of blindly trying to imagine them in my head, then find that the film director had a totally different image and be disappointed) , but this time I wanted to explore Fitzgerald's writing before handing my attention over to Baz. So when I headed over to the Apollo cinema in Piccadilly Circus yesterday, I had give or take thirty pages left on the book (finished at about 2 a.m tonight). So I was aware of the story, but didn't know the ending - perfect.


Freedom Of Animals: The Coolest Vegan Bags You've Ever Seen

I stumbled across this fabulous brand on Fashionista  and instantly fell in love with their classy vegan handbags. Freedom of Animals does what I've been waiting for a vegan brand to do forever, which is put forward a product that's eco-conscious and truly stylish, as opposed to something that looks like it belongs more on Betty Suarez than Miranda Priestley (as much as I may love and identify with Betty).  Let's face it, too many vegan brands are high in compassion but surprisingly low in trend-consciousness (aside from Jill Milan, their vegan bags are top notch as well and A-list Hollywood clients will tell you so too). Plus, Freedom of Animals use only recycled materials, making them a friend to the planet as well as our furry friends...not to mention our chic quotient.


Moving to London: Dos and Don'ts

Yesterday I got a comment from a reader, Francesca, who asked if I had any tips for those who wish to do what I did and move to London. I'm happy to give advice to anyone who wants to come here - London is absolutely fantastic. It's everything you imagine and more. Nine months here and I still feel like it's the first day of a new love story.

 So, here's how I moved to London - and why you should, too.


Things I Definitely Want to Do This Summer

Go to my sister' wedding. Duh. Can't wait!

Make my 30th birthday beyond amazing!

Have vegan picnics in different London parks.

Go on the London Eye.


Things I Love: Kopi Coffee

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As you may know from my blog's name and header, I'm a coffee-aholic! When I wake up, there's nothing I want more than a cup of almond macchiato (to enjoy in bed with my breakfast and some TV - ah, the joys of freelance life!). I love takeaway soy lattes to sip on while heading home from a meeting. I love relaxing in cozy coffee house sofas and indulging in a hazelnut cappuccino. I try not to over-indulge as a too-enthusiastic caffeine habit stops that addictive energy buzz from kicking in, but as far as I'm concerned, happiness has the flavour of espresso.

So when Kopi contacted me with the offer to try one of their coffees, I was flattered and curious!