Things I Love: My New Jill Milan Bag

When I first started blogging, I never for a minute thought that I'd get anything out of it except having fun, practicing my writing and meeting new people. I knew that I would probably never be one of those bloggers that got stuff sent to them in the mail. But guess what. It happened.

A while ago, I wrote this piece on Chic Vegan about the wonderful vegan bag company Jill Milan. I was thrilled to get this assignment from my editor - I loved the bags, they were beautiful and seemed like great quality (they're hand-made in Italy). Plus, it was amazing to see that stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Eva Longoria and Anne Hathaway had carried them.

I wrote the piece, it got published, I shared it on social media and thought, good job me. Then I forgot about it.

But then Jill Fraser, one of the founders of the brand, contacted me to thank me for the article. I was touched, as writing it was super fun. Then, she also asked if I would like a bag. Now, since these bags (quite rightly) cost a bit of money, I told Jill they were out of my price range for the moment, but that I would get back to her when I was able to afford one (when, not if - let's stay optimistic!).

When Jill replied to inform me that she had actually meant to sent me a bag for free, I couldn't believe it. This fabulous vegan company that I had fallen in love with at first sight actually wanted to give me a bag. For FREE. A $950 bag. For an article that, yes, I had put a lot of effort into, but that was also very fun to write.

I realized how lucky I am to do what I love for a living.
I may not be making a fortune off it (perspective: I am a near-30-year-old living in a flatshare and shopping almost exclusively at H&M) but I get to have fun all day and sometimes I receive amazing gifts like this one. Not too often. But still: major wow moment.

Choosing the bag was hard. Jill Milan's evening bags look beyond fabulous and I instinctively loved them, but I knew that what I really needed was a good-quality day bag. I often spend my time working in different caf├ęs, so carrying my PC around is part of my day and I needed a bag that could cater for that. So, in the end, I opted for one of the bags that I had included in my Chic Vegan selection.

When the bag arrived, I was beyond excited.

It came in a huge - I mean huge - box where I will now store my magazines and was wrapped in a lovely satin bag-for-the-bag (sorry, I'm not fancy enough to know what those are called - my bags usually come in a plastic bag, when I'm lucky. Otherwise, the Chinese man at Portobello market asks me if I want a bag for my new bag and I usually say no). 

And the bag itself. 

It's huge, much bigger than it looks. It's spacious and my entire world fits comfortably in there. No kidding. Plus, it's light years away from that horrific shiny fake-leather of cheap vegan bags. This is real quality. This is a bag that will last.

I have been using the bag for a couple of days now (as I'm typing this in Costa Coffee, my bag's on the chair next to me, just looking amazing, making every girl green with envy and exuding vegan fabulousness) and I just adore it.

Aside from a huge THANK YOU to Jill Milan for this fantastic gift, the main goal of this post is to encourage all cruelty-free shoppers to take a look at Jill Milan's selection. This brand is living proof that vegan fashion can be beautiful, trendy, well-made and eco-friendly. I see huge things in their future!

This post has no sponsored content: I received the bag after the article on Chic Vegan was already published. My 100% positive and supportive review, here and on Chic Vegan, is based only on my own personal opinion and experience.

Pictures by me


  1. Beh, allora congrats :):)
    E speriamo che sia solo l'inizio!


    Eleonora || Gomitolo Blu

  2. Good work! You deserve it for introducing clueless vegetarians and vegans alike to labels taking momentous steps in creating beautiful cruelty free fashion. I am now eyeing off the SoHo oversize carryall... Maybe one day!
    x eva


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