Things I Care Shockingly Little About

Having a stain on my shirt. That's what years of working in fashion does to you.

People that think vegans are "extreme". I take that as a compliment.

Whether things are dusty. I've never dusted anything in my life unless there was a gun to my head (when I say "gun", I mean hysterically screaming mother).

Whether my friend's mean, lazy, disrespectful boyfriend is "really a good guy, deep inside". You hurt my friend? You must suffer the fires of hell.

Any kind of sports result. Whoever won or lost, good for them. Or, you know, too bad. Better luck next time.

My biological clock. Except for the one that's barking.

What any Kardashian does at any given moment.

Not being able to afford to buy a home. To tell you the truth, I'm perfectly fine with renting. Sharing, on the other hand...

Whether UGGs and Crocs are "comfy". I'd rather walk barefoot on hot coals. Or in the Tube elevator.

Being competitive with other women. About anything. I forfeit. You win.

Whether I'm getting the choreography wrong in my PowerStep class. I'm there to sweat it out and get a good workout, not to try out for the cheerleading squad.

People raving about their Samsung Galaxy phones. I like my iPhone and I'm only ever trading it in for a better iPhone.

People who say horoscopes, America's Next Top Model or Sophie Kinsella books are stupid. I'm not a fan of crime novels, techno music or Family Guy, so I do this very cool and smart thing where I just don't read/watch/listen  and let other people enjoy them in peace.

Random people who think "it's time" for me to have a baby.

Any cartoon people apparently watched when they were little. In fact I'm shocked some of my friends still remember what the heck they watched on TV when they were six years old.

Why my internet is slow. I just need it to not be slow.

Any kind of comic book and/or movie version of said comic book. Unless the movie stars Robert Downey Jr. I will always care about Robert Downey Jr.

People that judge you for reading chick lit. Whatever, dude. I get to laugh out loud on the bus. Can you say the same about your Nobel prize winner (which I've read, by the way)?

Chipped nail polish. In fact, I sometimes keep mine chipped, especially if it's black and I'm wearing a sleek, classic outfit. Makes an interesting contrast.

How Lost ended. Because - brace yourselves - I only watched half an episode ever and the only thing I liked about it was that hot blonde surfer-ish guy. Who kind of looks like my fiancé.

People who share inappropriately personal health problems with you. I do not need to know that last night's dinner made you gassy.

Whether certain celebrities have cellulite. Newsflash: if they're women, they all do or did or will.

If hugging and kissing my boyfriend on the street bothers you. Love is beautiful and a miracle! Every time I see a cute couple on the street, on the bus or in the supermarket queue, I think "awww", not "eurgh". Mind you, I'm talking a peck and a cuddle, not full-on tongue action.

Whether my blog has 5 or 50.000 readers. I'm a quality over quantity girl. That's why I'll always care about you - you're awesome.

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  1. Great post. I have to admit I hate getting the choreography wrong, it frustrates me!

  2. You're awesome. This post brightened a terribly un-bright day. :)

  3. what an awesome list. must remember the non-compete clause with other women, good reminder.
    i have so many stains on shirts and even more with holes. mind you, in new york they would pay good money for nicely 'worn in' shirts. nothing would beat a time made hole or stain and you could always spot one that already came with your shirt when you bought it.
    and a big yes to Sophia Kinsella - i think she is awesome!


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