Packing for Milan: The Carry-On Essentials

Bag, H&M; Marie Claire magazine; Enchanted Eye Cream, Lush; vegan vitamins, Holland & Barrett; 
sunglasses, H&M; pen from a huge box of different-coloured pens from the 99p store

Tomorrow I'm going to Milan for five days!

I can't wait to see everyone and spend some time in the sun. I'll spend a long weekend stuffing my face with my in-laws' delicious food (they even make super-yummy vegan dinners just for me) and going to all of my favourite Milan spots with all of my favourite Milan friends. Only obstacle: the road to a fabulous vacation always goes through a very non-fabulous day of packing.

My carry-on checklist:

My wallet (containing the ever-important airport coach tickets...or does it? Oh God, where did I put those?) and make-up bag (containing the ever-important lip butter and eye cream for battling on-flight dryness)

Sunglasses (for the way there) and an umbrella (for the way back)

A book and a magazine (David sleeps like a baby on planes and I'm easily bored)

My vegan vitamins and some vegan snacks (I usually go for nuts or dried fruit from Graze that come in convenient small packages that go easily in the carry-on)

My iPhone. I could never get through an hour-and-a-half airport coach ride without some serious Spotify.

My computer, for catching up with TV shows on the plane.

My passport. Duh.

For the check-in luggage, we're going with the highly intelligent tactic of bringing as little stuff as possible to leave space for bringing back stuff we've left behind when we moved. In my case, "as little as possible" translates to three tops and two dresses. That's it. I'm so proud of me. I should probably mention, though, that pretty much all of my summer shoes at my in-laws' house in Milan!

I'll try to update as much as I can from Milan, but there's not much of a connection there, so I can't promise anything!

What do you usually put in your carry-on?

picture by me


  1. mi dispiace che tu stia trovando pioggia! Forse è per non farti sentire troppo la mancanza di Londra ;)

    1. Anche a me dispiaceva, ma dopo pranzo appena smesso é venuto fuori un sole bello com'é solo il sole dopo la pioggia! Però sai che a Londra non piove poi così tanto come dicono tutti? Ieri faceva caldissimo!


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