My Favourite Vegan / Yoga / Meditation Apps!

I am addicted to my iPhone - that's hardly news.

Since I've gotten into yoga, I've realized that it's quite a costly passion. I try and go to classes at Embody Wellness as often as I can, but as it's not exactly cheap, I've also downloaded a few yoga apps for home practice. 
I've also searched all over the place for good meditation apps. I mostly do guided meditations (even if I'm learning to meditate by myself, with just some meditation music and nature sounds) but they are so hard to find - especially the free ones!

There are tons of good apps for vegans (I hope Bleat will do an app soon!), both free and paid, both for recipes and just to avoid animal ingredients. Here are some of my favourites:


Vegman. Finds vegan and vegetarian restaurants next to you, anywhere, everywhere.

Vegan club. This is an Italian app with TONS of recipes! It's really heavy but very useful.

PETA. This app lets you sign animal-rights petitions with just a simple click!

Green Kitchen. A beautiful collection of  vegan and vegetarian recipes from the blog Green Kitchen Stories. Visually amazing as well as delicious.

Cruelty-Free. A simple guide to shopping cruelty-free brands.


Pocket Yoga. Easy to follow studio classes divided into "Mountain", "Ocean" and "Desert", where you can choose your level of difficulty and the duration of the class. On the minus side: a slightly creepy "teacher" voice.

Yoga Studio. I love this! Lots of studio classes to choose from, focusing on strength, flexibility or balance - my favourites are the combination ones. The woman's voice is great and the instructions are easy to follow. The "intermediate" classes are a bit easy, so every time I have to use "advanced" it makes me feel so accomplished ;)

Simply Yoga. I love that in this app, the voice explains what it is the positions do and why they are good for you. What I really don't like about this app is that only the Beginner lessons are free - I deleted it pretty quickly because of that.

My Yoga Guru. You can make your own classes from all the poses available and the app provides instructions on how to best do them. Unfortunately, there is no video (or at least I haven't discovered it).


Omvana. I LOVE this. I'm in LOVE with this app. It lets you mix your own blend of music, sounds and vocals to create the meditations that work best for you. Every couple of days there are new meditations to choose from. Amazing. The only problem is only a few are included and the rest are paid.

Headspace. Grrr. I can't get into this meditation technique. It's so hard! I prefer a calm voice telling me to "focus on my desires and dreams" with hippie-ish music in the background than to simply "focus on how heavy your arms are in your lap." But this meditation is great for me. And this app is very well made: the instruction videos and the animations are awesome.

Take a Break: simple guided meditations for when you need to relax. Very easy to follow, nice music and a relaxing voice.

I also often listen to Gabrielle Bernstein's podcasts when I meditate. I wish she would do a meditation app!

Feel free to share your favourite apps in the comments!

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  1. thank you so much for sharing this! i hadn't heard of any of these and i love green kitchen so it's great to know there's an app!! xx

  2. have you tried some yoga nidra to get your meditation started? there are some great tapes out there and they are so re-energizing!

  3. Hi, Thank you so much for this post! I was feeling stressed before finding this post. I've never done yoga before and even though I found myself being stretched (mentally and physically lol) I've finished it feeling so much better! Will definitely continue on this 30 day challenge :)Thank you!!!
    sant kirpal singh


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