I hear florals are huge this season.

Someone told me it was Bank Holiday.

As a freelancer, I wouldn't know, since I work every day except Saturday, and that's the way it always is, unless I'm on holiday (and in some cases even then). The upside of this work regime is that I can actually take an afternoon off and sit out in the sun if I feel like it. I'm glad I did a lot it of this weekend, since tomorrow it's apparently raining again.

Lately, I've had a thing for taking pictures of flowers.

Nature is so huge. It's bigger and more magic than anything we could ever create. All our haute couture dresses, our fast cars and high-flying planes, our cocktails and expensive jewellery, all of it can never even hope to ever be a millionth as beautiful as nature's creations. Nature constantly reminds us how small we are, how tiny and insignificant we all are, and how just a tiny flower is worth a thousand diamond rings. 

...I just wish I had a better camera to capture them with.

Pictures by me


  1. Pretty & fresh feeling!

  2. quando vedi certi tramonti o certi paesaggi pensi proprio che non ci sia niente di piĆ¹ bello al mondo della natura stessa!


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