I am Contributing Style Editor for Positive Luxury!

Guys, I have great news.

Starting this week (well, actually since a couple of weeks ago, but my first article is out now) I have an awesome new collaboration: I'm the Contributing Style Editor at one of my favourite websites. Positive Luxury is a magazine-slash-ecommerce-destination for positive living. Showcasing brands that commit to environmental and social responsibility, Positive Luxury is elegant and intelligent and I'm so proud to be part of it!

I've written for Positive Luxury before, but as Style Editor, I will create shopping pages and do product selections as well as write features on fashion and beauty. I'm happy to be a part of Positive Luxury because it represents style in a new, more forward-thinking way. There are vegan brands, eco brands and brands that really care about corporate responsibility. By working for Positive Luxury, I have discovered so many new brands I had no idea about. Plus, the website is gorgeous and the people I work with are so nice. This a collaboration I'm truly proud of and one I hope I'll be doing for a while.

Check out my first piece, Shop His Style with PL's brand ambassador Adam Garcia, here.


  1. Che bello, un nuovo successo!
    Poi ho visto che la tua pagina รจ nominata "sascha-camilli" e lo trovo dolcissimo :)

  2. Complimenti sono molto felice per te...!

  3. Wow this is FANTASTIC! Congratulations, these sound like exciting projects xxx



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