Inspiration: The Key Manifesto

I first found out about the Key Manifesto site from the lovely Belle Henley's blog. She interviewed the site's creator, Olly Joshi, in this very interesting post

The Key Manifesto is basically a set of life rules that remind us what's really important. I fell instantly in love with it (you might have seen it yesterday on my Instagram).

In Belle's post we learn the story of how the Manifesto was born - Olly created it out of an idea for a tattoo (would have needed his entire back for that one, I suspect!) and put it online - to receive over 2500 hits in the first five days! Shows that there are lots of inspiration-aholics just like myself out there. Now, Olly's site sells lovely prints and I HAVE to get one, I just can't decide which one, there are so many I love! Here are some of my favourites:

I'd love to have the Manifesto proudly represented on my wall (it would help if my walls looked this good!)

Shop The Key Manifesto prints here!


  1. That is awesome. Yes. I feel I should probably hang that in a few rooms of my house....

  2. Srzzzzly need me one of those prints. Roll on payday.

  3. Hey! Found your blog through Alex at Bump to Baby - Glad I did, I am also keen on cruelty free beauty and LOVE these pictures in this post, just my style.

    Look forward to reading more, will be following from now.

    Lyndsay xx


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