An Afternoon in Greenwich

Yesterday we visited a London area that we had yet to explore - Greenwich. We went to visit a new friend we'd met through mutual friends and we were blown away by how beautiful this area is! 

Our new friends live in one of the most enviable houses I've ever seen - big but not huge, with a lovely garden, impeccably decorated and very personal - with two cats, just two minutes' walk from the centre of Greenwich, which feels like a tiny city of its own. All afternoon yesterday I felt like we were away on a getaway to another city (like when we went to Brighton). It didn't feel like we were in London at all - in a good way. In a wonderful way.
First off, we visited the Greenwich market, a vibrant place full of quirky objects and delicious food stalls (this is where you can find Ruby Tuesday's, the vegan cupcake bakery!). It's one of those places that you can just lose yourself, and a whole day, in.

It's a smaller market than, say, Portobello or Brick Lane, but it has its own little atmosphere and I can't wait to go back and explore more...and buy and eat EVERYTHING.

Greenwich Park is enormous, greener than green and full of beauty. Wherever you turn, there's tons and tons to see and a day wouldn't be enough to see it all. The green of the park, the blinding white of the majestic buildings and the breathtaking architecture made me wish I had a better camera to capture it all.

From the Observatory (crowded with tourists...and squirrels!) to the Queen's House and the Naval College, Greenwich is quintessentially English but with a strong international draw. It's cleaner, more manicured than many other London areas, but still with a strong, distinct personality. Yesterday's amazing weather added to the beauty of this unique and so-gorgeous-it-hurts area of London that's definitely a new favourite of ours!

Pictures by me

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  1. I've spotted some of your Instagrams today and just wanted to say that Greenwhich looks beautiful!


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