Want to Go Vegan? My Top Five Tips!

So you're thinking, "this vegan thing sounds cool, maybe it's time to give it a try?"

I say CONGRATS! You'll love your new compassionate lifestyle - because veganism is a lifestyle, not a diet. Being vegan is a philosophy that extends way beyond what you eat. Being vegan is about trying your best to avoid participating in anything that causes suffering to living beings - it's about respect and compassion for sentient beings and living in harmony with the planet. At least that's how I see it.


Things I Care Shockingly Little About

Having a stain on my shirt. That's what years of working in fashion does to you.

People that think vegans are "extreme". I take that as a compliment.

Whether things are dusty. I've never dusted anything in my life unless there was a gun to my head (when I say "gun", I mean hysterically screaming mother).

Whether my friend's mean, lazy, disrespectful boyfriend is "really a good guy, deep inside". You hurt my friend? You must suffer the fires of hell.

Any kind of sports result. Whoever won or lost, good for them. Or, you know, too bad. Better luck next time.


I hear florals are huge this season.

Someone told me it was Bank Holiday.

As a freelancer, I wouldn't know, since I work every day except Saturday, and that's the way it always is, unless I'm on holiday (and in some cases even then). The upside of this work regime is that I can actually take an afternoon off and sit out in the sun if I feel like it. I'm glad I did a lot it of this weekend, since tomorrow it's apparently raining again.

Lately, I've had a thing for taking pictures of flowers.


No More Excuses: Time to Get Fit

Yoga goddess Rachel Brathen, one of my inspirations, both for fitness, yoga and life!

I am currently creating a new Pinterest board.

You may say: what's new about that? You have like eight million of those things. You're right (and thanks for following me on Pinterest!). But this time it's different.

I've been looking into fitness for a long time and kind of wanted to get more serious about it but at the same time not feeling up to it. I'm a champion excuse-maker: it's cold, it's raining, the gym costs too much, I don't have time, I'm sad, I'm depressed, I already like how I look, I eat healthy so I don't need to and so on and so forth. But now it's time to stop making excuses.


Inspiration: The Key Manifesto

I first found out about the Key Manifesto site from the lovely Belle Henley's blog. She interviewed the site's creator, Olly Joshi, in this very interesting post

The Key Manifesto is basically a set of life rules that remind us what's really important. I fell instantly in love with it (you might have seen it yesterday on my Instagram).

In Belle's post we learn the story of how the Manifesto was born - Olly created it out of an idea for a tattoo (would have needed his entire back for that one, I suspect!) and put it online - to receive over 2500 hits in the first five days! Shows that there are lots of inspiration-aholics just like myself out there. Now, Olly's site sells lovely prints and I HAVE to get one, I just can't decide which one, there are so many I love! Here are some of my favourites:


a million girls would kill for this job.

About a month ago, I got my dream job.

I didn't tell you anything because I wanted to see if it worked out before I told anyone. And in hindsight, that was a great idea. 

I had one interview, then was offered to do shift work to cover for a junior editor that was away on holiday - if they liked me, this might turn into a permanent position! The company had been a dream of mine for as long as I have been writing and I have been sending them applications nonstop since I came here. And, at the end of last month, my chance finally came.


Things I Love: My New Jill Milan Bag

When I first started blogging, I never for a minute thought that I'd get anything out of it except having fun, practicing my writing and meeting new people. I knew that I would probably never be one of those bloggers that got stuff sent to them in the mail. But guess what. It happened.

A while ago, I wrote this piece on Chic Vegan about the wonderful vegan bag company Jill Milan. I was thrilled to get this assignment from my editor - I loved the bags, they were beautiful and seemed like great quality (they're hand-made in Italy). Plus, it was amazing to see that stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Eva Longoria and Anne Hathaway had carried them.


Universo Vegano: a New Vegan Fast-Food Haven in Milan

Last week when we went to Milan, I met up with a friend I used to volunteer with at the shelter. We decided to head to this new place that just opened close to the area where I lived when I lived in Milan, Navigli, which is a really gorgeous place: around the two artificial rivers, these beautiful streets are filled with little pubs, restaurants and vintage clothing stores...and now, Universo Vegano.


American Apparel, WHY?

This makes me angry.

I have always been a big American Apparel fan - I love the fact that they are anti-sweatshop and, well I love the clothes! But this blatantly sexist communication has definitely put me off ever shopping with them again.


The Milanese Diaries

There's something about coming home. And yes, I would call Milan my home - one of my three homes. Every time I find myself on the airport shuttle that will take me into the city centre, I feel, in some weird and inexplicable way, that I am home. That there's nothing to fear. That I am surrounded by people I love.


Packing for Milan: The Carry-On Essentials

Bag, H&M; Marie Claire magazine; Enchanted Eye Cream, Lush; vegan vitamins, Holland & Barrett; 
sunglasses, H&M; pen from a huge box of different-coloured pens from the 99p store

Tomorrow I'm going to Milan for five days!

I can't wait to see everyone and spend some time in the sun. I'll spend a long weekend stuffing my face with my in-laws' delicious food (they even make super-yummy vegan dinners just for me) and going to all of my favourite Milan spots with all of my favourite Milan friends. Only obstacle: the road to a fabulous vacation always goes through a very non-fabulous day of packing.


Steal the Two Best Looks from the Met Ball

If there's any ONE event this year that I'd love to be invited to, it's the Met Ball. The old-school Hollywood glamour of it has always fascinated me. So far from the teenybopper awards shows (where Twilight gets voted best movie and I just want to die a little) or the show-offiness of Fashion Week. It's just classy. And classic.


I am Contributing Style Editor for Positive Luxury!

Guys, I have great news.

Starting this week (well, actually since a couple of weeks ago, but my first article is out now) I have an awesome new collaboration: I'm the Contributing Style Editor at one of my favourite websites. Positive Luxury is a magazine-slash-ecommerce-destination for positive living. Showcasing brands that commit to environmental and social responsibility, Positive Luxury is elegant and intelligent and I'm so proud to be part of it!


An Afternoon in Greenwich

Yesterday we visited a London area that we had yet to explore - Greenwich. We went to visit a new friend we'd met through mutual friends and we were blown away by how beautiful this area is! 

Our new friends live in one of the most enviable houses I've ever seen - big but not huge, with a lovely garden, impeccably decorated and very personal - with two cats, just two minutes' walk from the centre of Greenwich, which feels like a tiny city of its own. All afternoon yesterday I felt like we were away on a getaway to another city (like when we went to Brighton). It didn't feel like we were in London at all - in a good way. In a wonderful way.


9 Amazing Vegan Eco-Friendly Summer Dresses

Today David and I took a long walk around the park and I couldn't help but realize how lovely the weather is! It's finally summer here in London. Summer, meaning sunglasses, drinking wine at sunset and...shopping!

I don't know about you, but when summer rolls around, I always get an urge to shop. And what's number one on my list? Usually pretty dresses that can be worn with anything from Converse to stilettos, from the beach to a birthday party. Dresses that can be remembered for that time you watched the sun rise on the beach or got off the plane on holiday. Happy dresses.

 Here are some vegan favourites of mine - oh, and they all come from sustainable, eco-fashion brands!


My Favourite Vegan / Yoga / Meditation Apps!

I am addicted to my iPhone - that's hardly news.

Since I've gotten into yoga, I've realized that it's quite a costly passion. I try and go to classes at Embody Wellness as often as I can, but as it's not exactly cheap, I've also downloaded a few yoga apps for home practice. 


I Am on BLEAT - Are You?

Today marks the launch of BLEAT, the first - that I know of! - vegan and vegetarian social network!

I've been following their lovely, colourful countdown to launch on Instagram and registered as soon as I could - you can find me as CoffeeandHeels!

This page is great: it has a pretty layout and lots of interesting content. Lots of people are posting yummy vegan recipes, events and animal-friendly campaigns.

I have posted my most recent ChicVegan article and will post more! It's a lot of fun - come join me and many others at http://ble.at!