The Stiletto Challenge

I have two fancy parties coming up this summer: my sister's wedding and my 30th birthday (insert lots of pressure and anxiety here). I have already posted all about my wonderful and amazing dress here, but such a lovely garment does need some seriously fancy footwear.

That's where ASOS and their fantastic selection of vegan-friendly shoes come in. I only paid £25 for these babies and the parcel was delivered in only two days!

You see these heels, right? 

Well, they're much more KILLER than they seem. I'm no stranger to a vertigo-inducing heel and platform height - I'm just more accustomed to the chunky, trustworthy kind than these flimsy stilettos that may be sexy, yes, but they still make me feel - and look! - like a baby deer learning how to walk.

But I'm not one to get beat down by challenges. Surviving a wedding - with dancing - and a birthday dinner in these razor-thin, skyscrape-high heels? Bring it on! After all, the nice people at ASOS have faith in me:

So here we go. As I'm writing this, I'm actually wearing the shoes (with a blue tank top and yoga pants, FROW stuff), trying to convince myself that "breaking them in" will somehow stop me crying and bleeding and keeping emergency Converse in my dad's car come June sixteenth. Sis, if you're reading: don't ever say I never sacrificed anything for you!

Pictures by me

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