The Happy Dress

After chasing around all of London for a dress worthy of being worn to my sister's wedding, I finally found The One at Mango. Bliss.
This is the Happy Dress because its joy-infused shade of coral represents spring that has finally come (not without rain, of course, but at least the icy days of what can only be described as a forever-lasting February are over).

Because I'll wear it on a happy occasion - my little sister getting married. Yes, I'll have to be careful not to get any cake or tears on it.

Because I'll wear it on my 30th birthday! And yes, for me that's a happy day. And surrounded as I will be by people I love, I have no doubt that it will be.

I'll wear it under the Stockholm sun, sipping a glass of wine and having a celebratory meal with friends and family, along smiles, hugs and happiness. Taking a break from my beloved London life and just pausing to appreciate the little and big miracles that await us every day.

For now it's hanging in my bedroom, lending a hint of summer with a promise of unforgettable days to come.

Dress from Mango

Pictures by me


  1. Bello. Adoro questo colore.
    Sarai splendida.

  2. Bellissimo e ti sta veramente bene!! :))
    Ciao cara, un abbraccio!

  3. Beautiful colour, I hope you have plenty of sun in Stockholm when you get to wear this little number!

  4. Your blog is amazing and the pictures too! Would you like to follow eachother?
    just let me know my dear! :)



  5. Sono un po in ritardo,ma te lo devo dire:ADORO quel vestito!
    Ti sta veramente bene e lo trovo perfetto per tutte le occasioni.
    Davvero un bell'acquisto! :)

  6. Hi!! :)
    I really like your blog and your style!
    I´m following you :)
    maybe if you want, you could visit my blog too,
    and if you like it, follow me back!


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