The Carrie Diaries: What I Think

I have only seen one episode of The Carrie Diaries so far - and I'll most definitely keep watching it! So far, my verdict is this: funny, honest, engaging...but NOT Sex and the City in any way. I like this show for what it is on its own, not for being a SATC prequel.

The Carrie Diaries: Things I Like

AnnaSophia Robb. She's lovely. Super, mega lovely. I predict great things in this girl's future.

The fact that she's curly and blonde like SJP (even if any likeness of the character ends there).

The clothes - Carrie's (we'll get to the other characters in a minute). Good job as usual, Eric Daman.

Carrie's teen-angsty sister Dorrit.

The lack of the sugary-sweetness and fake glossiness that I was fully expecting from it.

The exploring of the fragile relationship between the sisters and their dad.

The purse! The "Carrie" purse is pure style genius.

The Carrie Diaries: Things I Like Less

It's not true to the SATC story. In season three of Sex and the City, Carrie tells her VOGUE editor, Julian, that her father left her mother and herself when she was little. In The Carrie Diaries (book and TV series), Carrie and her sister live with their widowed father.

It's not realistic. No Interview magazine editor would take an unknown sixteen-year-old to an industry party out of nowhere. Way to get teenage girls' hopes up.

Carrie's friend Mouse looks 46 years old - Eric, you could have done a better job there. And Candace (Bushnell), you didn't have to name her Mouse.

The fact that while Carrie's in perfect 80s attire, Dorrit looks like my sister did a couple of years ago, when she was sixteen and seventeen. She's really pretty and edgy - but not time-appropriate.

If you get into the mentality that this has nothing to do with Sex and the City whatsoever, it's a light-hearted and entertaining show. I love how it captures that curious, excited energy of coming to a new city and discovering new things - I can relate to that.

Looking forward to upcoming episodes!

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  1. Anche io ho visto il primo episodio di questa serie e mi ha deluso moltissimo.Sinceramente non lo trovo per niente interessante,sono cose viste e riviste ed il solito telefilm banale per adolescenti.Secondo me hanno sbagliato tutto perchè avrebbero potuto produrre davvero un telefilm di successo considerando anche la scia di fama di SATC,invece hanno deciso di giocare sul sicuro con il risultato di tralasciare l'originalità e la novità.

    1. Non so se avrebbero effettivamente potuto visto che si basa molto sui libri, i quali per me sono come giorno e notte: The Carrie Diaries l'ho trovato banale e sinceramente neanche scritto benissimo (forse questo c'entra col fatto che l'ho letto tradotto in italiano) mentre Summer in the City é bello, coinvolgente e, come dico nel post, cattura quella curiositá dei primi momenti in una nuova cittá. Non é un caso che anche nel telefilm a me piace piú vederla a Manhattan che il quel paesino dove, alla fine, come dici tu, é giá tutto visto e rivisto.

  2. io nn l'ho ancora visto e non sono neppure curiosa, già l'ultimo film nn mi è piaciuto per nulla...

    1. Allora va bene perché col film c'entra ancora meno che con la serie TV...


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