Spring in London

Yes, it's really spring.

Spring and that clear, pastel blue sky that hurts when you look right at it.

Spring and the first white and yellow flowers popping up (and me getting way too excited about it).

Spring and floral dresses with biker boots.

It's my first spring in London and I must say it competes with beautiful Aprils in Milan and rare sunny Swedish Mays. But so far it's holding up beautifully. London blooms in spring. People smile more, the air smells like lilacs and at six it's still light outside. After spending a Saturday walking through markets, having a coffee and a cute café, taking pictures at Neal's Yard and Westminster the natural thing to do is walk home, not catch the 3 bus. Even though some things in my life are far from perfect right now, spring somehow makes everything okay.

And I think about how amazing nature is. How nothing a human being can ever create will ever live up to the heart-shattering beauty of the simple things that have always been there.

Since I moved to London, I've been seeing squirrels everywhere. Sure, there are squirrels in Sweden and Italy too, you just don't see a lot of them everywhere. Here, they get really close. I'm hoping to pet one someday!

And then there are the classics. Those little things that make London London.

Spring wraps everything up in warm light, so subtle you can hardly notice it until it's almost summer. It gets too hot for your winter coat, you wake up in the morning in a better mood and suddenly feel like having a glass of wine in a bar after work instead of collapsing on the sofa. Spring is so magical we hope it never ends. But summer is next. There's always something to look forward to.

Pictures by me


  1. io adoro che in questo periodo l'aria profumi di fiori, è meraviglioso!!!

  2. I'm glad your first Spring in London isn't a disappointment. This Spring has been so bad, it is normally far nicer than this at this time of you. So if you have loved London in the Springtime this year, then you will love it even more next year!

  3. Che bella deve essere Londra a primavera :) posso davvero immaginare come lo spuntare dei raggi solari faccia bene :)

  4. Grazie per questo bel post e complimenti per le foto. :-)
    Lo scoiattolo è delizioso, ieri ne ho visto anche io uno in un parco qui a Roma, ma a Londra in effetti ce ne sono molti di più. :-)


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