Likes and Dislikes

Things that make me happy:

Waking up to sunshine.

Anyone bringing me any kind of flowers.

Sitting down in a warm coffee shop with a cup of vegan hot chocolate on a cold and/or rainy day.

Hearing my boyfriend play anything on the guitar. Even scales.

Cuddling up to a puppy, a kitten or really any kind of baby animal.

Feeling elated from watching a beautiful movie.

When my Amazon package full of beautiful books arrives in the mail.

Spending Friday night in bed with a book and a glass of wine.

Spending Saturday night dancing my heart out as if I were still 19.

Leaving yoga class and feeling energized and refreshed.

Seeing an old couple holding hands or a teenage couple kissing on the bus.

Seeing any couple kissing anywhere. Love is beautiful!

Seeing one of my articles published. Even after five years as a writer, it still amazes me.

Walking home at sunrise on a hot summer night.

Finding just the right shade of lipstick or nail polish.

That "I love the whole world!" buzz that only volunteering can give.

Stopping screaming mid-fight to plant a huge kiss on my boyfriend. I'm a fan of forgiving.

Walking out of the shop with a  luxurious carrier bag containing that dress/shoes/top/bag.

Going to a vegan restaurant/coffee shop and knowing that I can have ANYTHING.

The fact that when I turn off the lights at night in our bedroom, it never gets completely dark. I can't stand darkness.

Seeing old friends again.

Making new friends.

Looking at my engagement ring, looking over at him and wondering how the heck I ever got this lucky.

Post-rain sunshine.

People that say, "you're never going to make it". You spur me on and make me even more determined. Thanks.

Things I can't stand:

Having to wake up because of an alarm clock.

People that yell at their kids in public.

Anything that smells like cheese (hated this pre-veganism too!)

Trying my best to like a book or movie (often a classic) and just failing to see what's so wonderful about it (hello Kafka).

Snow that's been lying on the ground for a week and now looks greyish and depressing.

Potatoes, in any shape that's not super-thin French fries or crisps.

Wonderful coffee shops that play awful music.

People that are obsessed with cleaning.

"Celebrity" diets.

UGG boots.

The fact that travelling is so expensive.

The fact that yoga classes cost anything at all.

People that say "but just talk to someone at Starbucks!" when I complain of new-city loneliness.

The fact that muffins and cakes at coffee shops are never vegan.

When there's only Hollyoaks reruns on TV. If I make a petition for a channel that only ever does How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory, will you guys sign it?

Windy weather.

When the internet is so painfully slow that I just want to bash my computer against the wall.

People that complain about it being "too hot" in the summer. Try and move to Sweden and see how you like it.

Having to sleep in complete darkness.

 Feeling guilty about the fact that I chose to move away and leave my family and friends behind.

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  1. eh che cosa dovresti fare, attaccare bottone con qualcuno da starbucks e sembrare una stalker? bel consiglio...

    io ho appena finito 3 giorni di pet therapy con il mio coniglietto! domani sarò in astinenza!

  2. Concordo in pieno con la voce: The fact that travelling is so expensive.

    Un abbraccio

  3. fantastico!!! dovrei dire a mia suocera che non sono la sola ad odiare le pulite compulsive!!!


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