International Pillow Fight Day

Yesterday a friend from Milan came over, which is always a moment I cherish. There's something exciting in showing my new city to people I care about. And yesterday the weather actually came through - as you can see in the above photo, I was wearing my new spring jacket, without feeling the slightest bit chilly even for a moment. 

Which brings us to a question: you're probably wondering what David and I are doing, in the above photo.

We'd met up with my friend in Piccadilly, taken a walk through Leicester Square and Chinatown over to Covent Garden, had a coffee, snapped photos in Neal's Yard and then hopped on the 29 to Trafalgar Square. After the mandatory Big Ben photo moment, we were walking back to the city when we noticed white little fluffs floating through the air. What were they? Pollen? Feathers? We noticed that people were walking to and from Trafalgar holding white pillows. Having reached the centre of the square we witnessed the pinnacle of awesomeness: a massive pillow fight.

David and I of course jumped right into it, as you can see above.

Having googled this event, I found out this was International Pillow Fight Day, an actual London thing. And it's not just here: over 100 cities in the world do it. 

Walking back home from Westminster, snacking on candied almonds, I thought about how darn lucky I am and that sometimes I don't even realize it. My friend, who's heading home to Milan today, kept repeating how much she loved London and how coming here was a great decision for me. And I had this moment when I just paused and thought, yes, I did make a great decision. One of the best ones I've ever made in my life.

I love living in a place where I can discover new things all the time. I love that here, just stepping outside my front door means being ready for an adventure. I love that after seven months here, I still feel like a tourist because there are still so many new places left to see, museums to lose myself in, restaurants to try, little shops to treasure-hunt in, bands to see, pictures to take, people to meet. I love finding hidden gems every weekend (and some weekdays! On Friday I had a delicious lunch from a food market that my coworkers discovered). I love that London is always the same, yet it keeps changing.

I love the unique, indescribable London atmosphere that alters as the seasons come and go. I love sunny London mornings, rainy Sunday afternoons and sparkly London nights. I love laughing with new people and welcoming old friends. I love having coffee tucked away on a cozy sofa while the rain pours outside and I love walking through parks and alongside the Thames with the first spring sun's rays on my face. I love meeting people from Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Bangladesh, all over the world. I love vegan cupcakes and I love eating Indian, Chinese and Thai food from a container in the street. I love the markets and I love the musicals. I love living in a city where there's a special day for hitting people in the head with a pillow.

(if only they could use synthetic pillows instead of bird down.)

And yes, I'm lucky. But I've also faced - and keep facing - really difficult moments. Being far away from family and friends is scary, even at almost 30. But I'll be damned if I ever let fear step in the way of my curiosity, of my passion for discovering. If I'd listened to the fear, to those old tired feelings of being comfortable where you are, I would have never lived in the most beautiful city in the world. And I would never have had that pillow fight.

Picture from my Instagram


  1. I'm so happy for you, your London days look amazing, and you get ups&downs no matter where you are, so it better be such a cool place.

  2. Oh wow I have never heard of this! What an amazing thing to do - a real stress reliever! Nothing beats a good old fashioned pillow fight!


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