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Today I was looking at my diary and realized that Thursday night I'm volunteering with PETA again. I can't wait; it's always so much fun. Being around other vegans, vegetarians and activists that believe in the same cause I do is so inspiring (and there's always vegan cake that's The. End. Of. The. World). 

But it still feels like not enough. I want to do more. Change more. Contribute more.

I recently started a new collaboration I'm thrilled about - I'll tell you more later - that's all about positive living, which makes me so happy to be working on this. And when I get nice messages from the readers of this blog, I feel like I'm actually making a small yet significant little change somewhere. But sometimes I get impatient - itchy, even - thinking that I could and should do more. And the most important thing - I WANT to do more. So much more. I want to bring vegan fashion and beauty to the world! It may not sound like I'm curing cancer or saving lives - but it's important to me. It makes me feel alive and part of the world.

That's why there are so many things out there that I don't understand. Like why so many people AREN'T actively fighting for a better world. Why aren't more people going after their cause - may it be women's liberation, stopping war or helping children in Africa - and DOING something about it? Why aren't more passionate about change, about making someone else's life better, as opposed to only their own?

I'm not saying I'm perfect - I work in fashion, one of the least "green" industries out there. I shop at low-cost fashion chains. I frequently fly - at the very least four-five times a year. But I feel crap about it and try to make up for it, in some tiny, insignificant way. It makes me angry that volunteering is considered less "cool" than making yourself a priority - we only have one planet, you know.

People say, "but it doesn't matter if I sign the petition - as long as corporations are doing this and that..." NO. Making your voice heard DOES matter. Signing a petition takes five seconds and does so much! With PETA, we have changed the world so much through the power of the petition.

People say, "but it doesn't matter if I recycle, it all gets thrown together in the end." AT LEAST YOU TRY. At least you do the right thing. You. Little, insignificant you. The drop in the ocean. IT MATTERS.

People say, "but as long as the politicians..." You are you. You can do your part. Politicians are not your problem. What they do is outside of you and you cannot change that. But you can be the best you that you can be.

People say, "I don't have time". I say don't clean your house this Sunday and do an hour of volunteering instead. It will change so much.

It matters.

We matter.

Our voices matter.

But only as long as we stand up and DO SOMETHING. If we're lazy, comfortable and refuse to think outside ourselves, no one will ever change the world for us. It all starts with us. With YOU.

Find what you believe in. And never shut up about it. Make your voice heard! Make your cause your passion and dedicate yourself to it. Contribute as much as you can.You will make a better world and - I promise - be happier than you ever were while shopping.

"Everyone thinks about changing the world, but no one thinks to change themselves."

- Leo Tolstoy

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  1. Molto bello questo post!
    Spesso mi guardo intorno e vedo che la gente vive semplicemente la sua vita per inerzia.
    Ormai le persone non fanno più nulla,dalle piccole cose a quelle grandi,accettano semplicemente passivamente il cambiamento anche se questo vuol dire che si vedono togliere i propri diritti.

    Io questo lo vedo nel mio piccolo:sono sempre stata una persona che non "lascia perdere",se qualcosa mi interessa o qualcosa non mi va a genio esprimo la mia opinione e cerco di cambiarla.Ecco per questo io sono considerata una persona "esagerata"!Non sai quante volte mi è stato detto: "Quanto la fai lunga,lascia perdere!".
    NO,io non lascio perdere!
    E sono contenta perchè almeno sono onesta con me stessa.Non mi lamento di tutto per poi non alzare un dito per cambiarlo.

    Le persone non si rendono conto che se nessuno fa nulla niente cambierà,ma se tutti si interessassero un po di più allora sì che le cose cambierebbero.
    La politica,le aziende cattive sono solo scuse.Anzi sono loro che dipendono da noi non il contrario!

    Davvero vorrei che la gente iniziasse un po più ad interessarsi a quello che gli sta sotto il naso,in tutti i campi della vita.
    Non importa cosa per te sia importante,ma la cosa bella è sapere lottare per quella cosa anche se le persone pensano tu sia "esagerata"!

  2. Thank you for this inspirational post, we should all do more. And the image is just perfect!

  3. Great post! Very inspiring. It's interesting how our lifestyles can influence others. Even small attitudes. Like, when you put the recycling garbage apart and someone sees it and starts asking about it or when you show a delicious vegan meal for some friends and they get concerned about eating consciously after that.

    It's so nice to see when people help to spread veganism in a way that you don't need to abandon old habits, just replace some products. I think the key is to influence people around us in a positive way.

    I'd love to be a volunteer at Peta! It must be awesome...

  4. I think this is my favourite post of yours :) I've just sent a submission to parliament here in regards to animal testing, it's the only way we will ever see change.


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