Change the World

Today I was looking at my diary and realized that Thursday night I'm volunteering with PETA again. I can't wait; it's always so much fun. Being around other vegans, vegetarians and activists that believe in the same cause I do is so inspiring (and there's always vegan cake that's The. End. Of. The. World). 

But it still feels like not enough. I want to do more. Change more. Contribute more.


The Carrie Diaries: What I Think

I have only seen one episode of The Carrie Diaries so far - and I'll most definitely keep watching it! So far, my verdict is this: funny, honest, engaging...but NOT Sex and the City in any way. I like this show for what it is on its own, not for being a SATC prequel.


Things I Love: The Coffee and Heels Reading List

I like to read. A lot. I'm one of those people that can spend an entire afternoon with a book, feeling a bit sad and nostalgic when I finish it. Books become like friends to me: I welcome them into my life, I form a kinship with them and I feel bittersweet when the time we've had together comes to an end.


The Stiletto Challenge

I have two fancy parties coming up this summer: my sister's wedding and my 30th birthday (insert lots of pressure and anxiety here). I have already posted all about my wonderful and amazing dress here, but such a lovely garment does need some seriously fancy footwear.


Recent Discoveries

Not to brag, but I've discovered quite a lot of things lately. 

The best discoveries come to you when you're not really looking. When you're busy enjoying life's little wonders or simply going with the flow. Yesterday wasn't the best Sunday in recent memory and I coped the way I usually do - by escaping. I fled to a coffee shop with a green tea and my copy of Silver Linings Playbook which is just as wonderful in book form as it is as a movie. I would dare to say this book and film are life-changing. Read and watch.


Spring in London

Yes, it's really spring.

Spring and that clear, pastel blue sky that hurts when you look right at it.

Spring and the first white and yellow flowers popping up (and me getting way too excited about it).

Spring and floral dresses with biker boots.


Coachella Envy

Every year as the music-festival-slash-streetstyle-fest called Coachella takes place, I morph into a little green-eyed monster of envy. I know that being taken over by jealousy is SO against my zen life path, but I can't stand it that I can't afford to go to Coachella.


The Happy Dress

After chasing around all of London for a dress worthy of being worn to my sister's wedding, I finally found The One at Mango. Bliss.


On (Not) Hating Your Body

...yes, I say "fuck" sometimes. And I really like this picture.

I read this article on HelloGiggles yesterday and while I agreed with the writer on almost everything (except fitspiration: I’m a fan), this sentence caught my eye:

“Most people I know either hate their own bodies  or spend their time judging other people”.

I did some research on this and found this on the Daily Mail. 
I remembered a great piece I read in Marie Claire a while ago about women NOT hating their looks. I thought about what my friends say about their bodies and what the media image of a woman’s body image is. Do all women really hate their own bodies? 



After the exhilarating experience of my first tattoo, I'm now in the process of choosing number two.

As we all know, a tattoo is a forever thing (well, everyone likes to say that. In reality, tattoo removal exists, if painful and expensive), so making the right choice is beyond important. And as far as choices go, I'm...stuck.


International Pillow Fight Day

Yesterday a friend from Milan came over, which is always a moment I cherish. There's something exciting in showing my new city to people I care about. And yesterday the weather actually came through - as you can see in the above photo, I was wearing my new spring jacket, without feeling the slightest bit chilly even for a moment. 

Which brings us to a question: you're probably wondering what David and I are doing, in the above photo.


Tales of Embarrassment: The Earring that Went to Narnia

Since I’m a very (and I mean very) clumsy person, I find myself in rather embarrassing situations not too rarely. You know: walking into glass doors, getting strangled by my scarf that’s caught up in this or that, dropping things, breaking things, running into things…that’s me. What do I do about it? My latest idea is to share those little gems  on my blog hoping that maybe I’m not the only one.


Let's Help Leila Sell Her Awesome Vegan Shoes!

I was recently approached by Leila, the founder of Krze Studios, who told me about her awesome Kickstarter campaign to sell her collection of fabulous footwear that's all vegan. 


Likes and Dislikes

Things that make me happy:

Waking up to sunshine.

Anyone bringing me any kind of flowers.

Sitting down in a warm coffee shop with a cup of vegan hot chocolate on a cold and/or rainy day.