For someone as international as me, it's hard not to notice the little differences between the countries. In Russia, where I was born, International Women's Day is a holiday. It's a day when women are celebrated, pampered, treated like princesses. Men bring them flowers and buy them presents. In Sweden, where I grew up, 8th March is a feminist day. It's a day for women's rights protesters to stand up and make their voices heard for women's rights. 

I love both these traditions. And my perfect 8th March is a blend of both.

Women that never fail to inspire me:

Alicia Silverstone
Aerosmith video star, Cher in Clueless, vegan genius and all-round inspirational human being

Stella McCartney
Rock royalty, creator of the Falabella bag and the only vegetarian designer at Fashion Week

Alexandra Shulman
Editor in Chief of VOGUE UK 

Michelle Obama
First lady and international power woman

Vivienne Westwood
Designer and queen of punk 

Lena Dunham
Writer, producer, actress and creator of Girls

Natalie Portman
Actress, Oscar winner, Harvard graduate, vegan and activist

Aung San Suu Kyi
Human rights fighter and Nobel Peace Prize winner 

Pamela Des Barres
Legendary groupie, rock historian and one of the best writers I've ever read

Livia Firth
Eco-fashion queen and also a really nice person

Joan Jett
One of the first women in rock n'roll ever - and now also a vegetarian

Jennifer Lawrence
Genius actress and Oscar winner

...and also:

My mom, for raising me and my two sisters - while working in what's been her dream job since she was 11

My brave friend Isabell, for surviving the cancer that took her leg and handling it with incredible strength - I've never met anyone this inspirational in my life.

My grandmother, for being a strong woman who took absolutely no bullshit

My former boss in Milan, for teaching me that being a (female) boss doesn't have to equal being a bitch

My former colleague Cristina, for quitting her job to travel around the world

My freelance writing mentor in Sweden, for proving that being a successful freelance writer is possible - she now runs her own magazine AND is editor-in-chief of another one

My Facebook friend activist Amy, for fighting against animal cruelty every day

We are women. We are freaking fabulous.

Pictures from Pinterest


  1. All excellent women role models. I especially agree with Joan and Alicia.

  2. You are right - WE ARE FABULOUS and should celebrate it more!

  3. Love that you mentioned Lena Dunham! She's such an inspiring woman!

  4. We are fabulous. And you are amazing!


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