Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

This lovely Kate Spade iPhone case that was sent to me as a gift by the lovely people at 3 Mobile. I LOVE IT! And I'm not easy to please in the iPhone accessories department since I adore my old case that looks like  a 90s cassette tape. But I think I'll give that a rest for now. Shop this case, other cool cases and other iPhone accessories here.

The Lichtenstein exhibition at Tate Modern.  Go see it. It's absolutely worth the money, the queuing, everything. It's an amazing play of colours and expressions in that whimsical, playful yet direct 1960s way that I love.

Seeing the fantastic Tom Odell performing at the Burberry Prorsum fashion week show!

This, published by Girl Lost in the City, a blog I love. On Friday I watched Silver Linings Playbook with David and he actually liked it too. I think it's KICK ASS AMAZING that Jennifer walked away from the awards season with literally every Best Actress award out there. She's beyond talented and fantastic, but you probably already know that I think so.

David's XXL vegan burger inspired by the Mexican sandwiches on "Man Vs Food"!

Pretty much everything in this sandwich is hand- and homemade: the bread, the bean burger, the sweet potato patty in between and even the vegan cheese! 

...and I made the salad!

Visiting Freddie Mercury's last residence in Earl's Court last night. Very cool.

The fact that I finally managed to do a downward-facing dog with both feet planted on the ground! Yes, I'm officially a yoga nerd.

...and last but not least...

Going out with my friends tonight and listening to some nice music in a pub with a glass of wine. That's what life, and weekends, are all about.

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  1. You are a real globe-trotter... I read your About;) I got inspired.

    1. I guess I am, but you know what's weird? I don't feel like I'm done travelling. Not at all. I've lived in five countries, but all I can think about are all the places I haven't seen yet and how my life is way too short to live in all the places that I'd love to live in. I'm absolutely in love with London right now, I'm having a fantastic love story with my city, but I know that one day I'll probably leave to explore something new. This need I have is a part of me and has always been.

  2. I wish I had an iphone so I could have an iphone case for everyday of the week :') I really like the one you have atm though! Also, Silver Linings was actually amazing! I'm not one for Romance films (I am, but I just tell people am not) But this film actually seemed really unique and not like the boring cliches. I also have a new found love for Bradley Cooper.


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