hey, I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything's right

I first saw these shoes on Sofia' Journal a couple of weeks ago and fell in mad, can't-live-without-you-Mariah-Carey-song love with them - £25 for vegan shoes? Bring it on! So I tried Zara's online store. No luck. I even called and emailed, receiving different replies: the woman on the phone told me they'd be restocked, while the email bore the sad news that they were gone forever.

Never one to give up, yesterday I braved the returning cold (seriously, what is with this weather?) and headed to the actual Zara store on Regent Street. Sure enough, there they were - but only in sizes 40, 41 and 36. That's what you get for being born with average-size feet. Desperate to take them home, I attempted to either squeeze my feet into the 36s or pretend I could walk in a 40 without the precious boots flying off, but unfortunately shoe sizes exist for a reason.

The salesgirl was kind enough to point me in the direction of the Bond Street Zara, where a rather snotty colleague of hers looked at me as if I'd just asked her if they sold ham sandwiches. "We don't have them", a roll of the eye and end of discussion. Tempted to say that manners must be sold out, too, I marched over to the cash register (never one to give up, remember?) and flashed the photo of Sofia's blog post. A very kind guy at the register did some digging - and soon, a beautiful pair of 38s appeared.

And they fit like a glove.

Last night I wore them to a dinner - and was immediately showered with compliments. Obviously, as they are just so beautiful.

So, what have we learned from my Zara adventure?

Lesson 1: as soon as you see something you like, can afford and know you'll wear, BUY IT. Now, not "later" or whenever you'd had time to "think" about it. Get it while you can, especially if it's on sale. Because, unless you're lucky enough to wear a size 41 shoe, chances are you won't be as lucky as I was this time and never see it again.

Lesson 2: don't give up! Go to a million stores. Ask. Call. Email. Be a pain in the butt. It's all worth it when you go home with that one thing you really love and that's worth a thousand of those lukewarm, so-so buys you'll maybe wear twice. Isn't it pure luxury to fall in love with a pair of shoes and actually take them home, envisioning all the amazing outfits you'll wear them with? That's what life's little pleasures are all about to me.

Lesson 3: don't forget to thank the staff at the store who were nice enough to help you locate your mission-impossible item. If I'd listen to Eye-Rolling Girl, I'd be going home shoe-less and disappointed. Thankfully, her coworker at the till was professional enough to really go out of his way to help me. The Asian-looking guy at Zara Bond Street - you're golden.

I'll leave you to have a happy Sunday with a Paolo Nutini song that mirrors my mood:

Pictures by me


  1. bellissima quella canzone, quando mi capita nell'ipod continuo a fare repeat!

    sono molto particolari, sono curiosa di sapere come le indosserai!

  2. The boots are so pretty! I've seen couple of them on ebay, but didn't know they were vegan.

    1. Thank you! What you saw were probably the original boots by Chloé and those are not vegan! This is the faux-leather version from Zara :)

  3. oh che bello! Sono davvero piccole preziose perle di felicità quando ti sembra impossibile trovare l'oggetto del desiderio per poi farcela alla fine :)

  4. Die gleichen Schuhe habe ich auch. Die sind soooo gemütlich, ich trage sie unheimlich gerne.


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