Fearless: A Tale of the Super Lipstick

As we all sometimes do, I found myself in need of a new red lipstick.

Ever since my first (very cautious and somewhat doubtful) approach to red, I have been ADDICTED. Some days I don't even leave the house to go to the supermarket without my fire-engine must-have lip accessory firmly planted on my pucker. And I love to experiment with all the exciting shades of red out there - I feel like playing the field a little before I settle down with The One perfect red.

So when my Body Shop Colourglide ran out, I decided to broaden my views and look for a new red little friend. I've already tried E.L.F before - they're mostly cruelty free and vegan - but I had never used their lipsticks before. So I ordered the Fearless one because I quite liked the sound of that.

When it arrived in the mail (in a speedy three days - well done) I couldn't contain my enthusiasm and immediately slapped some on. And BOY WAS IT RED. I mean really, really red. It was like my whole face lit up. Amazing. I even fell in love with my vampire-esque pale skin, all over again.

Fast forward to after lunch. I should maybe explain that this was Thursday and on Thursdays we have breakfast in the office. Which of course does not mean I don't have breakfast at home as well (duh). So after two breakfasts, one lunch and more snacks than I'd like to admit, my lips were Still. Red. I'd love to say that my lips were still red after I'd kissed three hot guys, but the truth is, I just ate a whole lot of food (and I did kiss one hottie, but that was at home and way before I had any lipstick on).

A word of warning: do reapply, even if it seems like it does stay on, because its only downside so far appear to be the tendency to leave a red edge and fade in the middle. But that's only towards the end of the day, so that really only happens if you're too lazy to reapply - which we all are sometimes. And don't do what I always do and apply with no mirror. It might work for the Body Shop one, but this is strong stuff and not for beginners. Like I said, it's really freaking red. Kids, don't try this at home.

As you might have figured out, I'm getting attached to this lipstick - it just may be The One. So you can imagine my disappointment (and loud NOOOOO!) when I clicked onto E.l.f this morning to find out that  a lipstick's free this weekend, just a week after my order. But that's even more of a reason for all of you to try E.l.f. Hurry up and shop - and tell me what you think!

E.l.f products are cruelty-free and many are vegan.

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  1. No. Non dovevo leggere questo post. Perchè ora voglio un altro rossetto rosso... Non so come sia messo YSL in termini di cruelty free ma il vernis à lèvres è una bomba, quindi se per te è ok provalo (è costosetto però)


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