Cruelty-Free? Let's Go Global!

I love the fact that Leona Lewis has created a cruelty-free collection for The Body Shop! I was over there yesterday and took a look and it looks like great stuff. When I bought a (lovely zesty-smelling) tangerine body lotion from the, I also signed a pledge to go cruelty-free, contributing to Cruelty Free International's campaign to take the animal testing ban global.

As you have probably heard, animal testing for cosmetics was banned in the EU starting March 11th, 2013. Nevertheless, companies can still sell products that have been tested on animals outside of the EU - read Logical Harmony's post on this here. Cruelty Free International is campaigning to ban animal testing worldwide, focusing on alternative methods.

Imagine how cool it would be if animal testing could be banned. Forever. Everywhere. 

If you're about to say, well, it's nice to dream, you're probably right. An international ban on all animal testing world-wide is still just a dream and will be for a while to come. Nevertheless, it's important to keep up the fight, just to let the beauty industry know that we care about this. When the market speaks, the industry listens, so sign the pledge and go cruelty-free!

Shop Leona's collection here

Sign the cruelty-free pledge here 

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  1. But dreams do become reality, all it needs is an army of people behind it. The world can do this if we are collective enough.


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