Blogging Doubts

Those of you that follow me on Facebook may have read today that I've been having doubts and thoughts about blogging lately. While it has been an incredible six years (yes, that's how long I've been blogging!), something's now gone a bit sour.

I remember back in 2007 when I first started blogging. Nobody else was blogging; it was just a handful of us on Style.it. We were a group of girls chatting about our purchases (real and imaginary), our favourite fashion week shows and our thoughts and dreams. I was often in the top 10 of the most-read section and every post was met by enthusiastic comments. I loved blogging and there was no doubt in my mind that I'd always be doing it.

Then, something happened.

The "fashion blogger" phenomenon (if you can call it that) happened. 

All of a sudden "our" side of the www was overflowing with pretty girls in expensive clothes, smiling the same smiles day in and day out, swinging It bags from their arms and pushing us into obscurity. The comments got scarce, "our" audiences moved towards the new crop of outfit bloggers and most blogs I knew and loved shut down. Around 2010 I got a chance to blog professionally with Cosmopolitan Sweden, but as the magazine's website shut down, so did my blog.

Fortunately, I had a new passion and direction in my life: my new, cruelty-free lifestyle. My new blog, entirely in English, was based around that (it's this one, if you hadn't figured that out!). The only times I talked about fashion and beauty was if it was cruelty-free and/or vegan. And it worked: I learned more about this lifestyle, got new writing gigs and a new kind of reader found her way to my blog. But still, I can't help but feel that the concept of "blogging" isn't the same as it once was.

I often hear people say: "so what is your blog about? Fashion?" as if that's expected of me just because I'm a woman. Men sometimes say that they don't read my blog "because I don't know anything about fashion". But where does it say that just because I happen to be female, clothes have to be the only thing on my mind? I already work in the industry; I'm pretty much done with fashion by the time I get home. Plus, the only fashion and beauty that I'm passionate enough about to even put it here is vegan and cruelty-free.

Speaking of that.

Blogs have become a part of the fashion industry and the industry's not missing any chances to jump on the blogger bandwagon. These days I can trust very few bloggers' opinions because, as it turns out, most of them have "sponsors" that shower them with gifts. Sure, it must be lovely for them (and I've been known to do a collaboration or two in my day) but it kind of compromises the whole idea with blogging: that it's a highly personal, unaffected platform.

And what's the deal with so many blogs talking about products, anyway? What happened to thoughts, ideas, creativity? Where are the authentic voices and personalities of the bloggers? I don't know if I can tell anymore.

Right now I just have a really strong desire to write, to be a really good writer. It's all I want to do and I can't wait to find my style and my voice. But I don't know if this is the right place. Maybe I've outgrown blogging like an old dress. Or maybe I just need something new to re-ignite my passion. 


  1. I've been reading your blog since you were on style.it, actually I discovered it just before you moved from there, and thanks to you I got into the whole blogging thing, discovering new blogs, and checking them daily. Every time you'd write something, I couldn't wait to read it! I think you are a terrific writer and it would be a great loss if you'd stop, but you know best how you feel.. Thanks to you I also got way more into the cruelty free lifestyle and have learned a lot! Thank you for all the nice words you shared with us!

  2. Well, I personally love your Blog: Always so insightful, entertaining, honest and helpful! I'm sure you're destined for exciting new things, but just wanted to know you have a huge fan in me. Thank you for being a voice to the voice-less (animals) everywhere. I am truly grateful and wish you all the best! I'll keep reading, if you keep writing! :) Shannon Haber

  3. I feel like that too sometimes. Often when I put my heart and soul into a blog post I get very little views and no comments, coupled with the fact that I don't have many followers, it can make me feel like there's no point in blogging. But I do enjoy it and I love being different, loads of the more well known blogs tend to follow the same style and it can be quite boring to read sometimes. Even some of the 'cruelty free' blogs are inundated with products that are not truly cruelty free. I love writing and am passionate about what I write about, as are you, and we should be proud to be different :) xx

  4. I hear you!

    While I am new to this blog, I have been blogging on and off for years. And while I love blogging about vegan and cruelty free cosmetics, I feel like I am loosing my other passion- writing. Sometimes I find my voice gets lost under dry beauty reviews and explaining the sources of animal ingredients and why I am vegan. But cruelty-free beauty blogging is what we make it! I am going to put more into my writing so that my writing voice is heard and yet still help those voice-less animals by raising awareness.

    Good luck hun x

  5. Ho vissuto anche io tutte le fase del blogging, dal gruppo di amiche su Style.it all'arrivo sulla piattaforma delle fashion blogger che seminavano zizzania per prevalere sulle altre fino ad arrivare a ragazze che commentavano il mio blog dicendo che era strano perché non parlavo di moda.

    Non credo che ormai tu abbia consumato questa passione, anzi proprio perché è la tua passione hai sicuramente ancora molto potenziale e molti contenuti da approfondire, indipendentemente da come si muove il fenomeno fashion.
    Forse hai solo bisogno di nuovi stimoli, quindi come suggeriva il mio prof di progettazione delle superiori: molla tutto, prenditi il tuo tempo, gira con gli occhi aperti e lasciati ispirare. Poi raccogli tutto su carta e organizza le idee.

    In bocca al lupo ;)

  6. I totally hear what you are saying Sascha. I love your blog, I love the fact you put your heart and soul into it and that really translates to the reader. I started reading blogs a long time ago but have only been blogging myself since late last year and I have found since blogging myself I have really changed over which blogs I like to read. I used to love beauty blogs but I find now I am much more interested in lifestyle blogs. I like to know the writer behind the words not just read about which latest beauty find they have purchased or more likely been sponsored. I am being turned off by these blogs. I'd much rather read a truly interesting blog which has a small number of followers than one of these "I'm just a normal 20 something beauty blogger" blogs when in actual fact they are sponsored up to their eyeballs and have PR companies bombarding them. I love blogs which are real - yours being one of them. I really hope you keep the blogging up, I am a big fan :)

  7. Capisco come ti senti, anche se appartengo alla categoria delle cazzivari blogger,ho vissuto le stesse fasi: aperto il primo blog nel 2005, pausa dal 2007 fino al 2008 credo, poi pausa successivamente e ora un nuovo blog, con qualche pausa e ora privato. E' giusto prendersi delle pause dal blog, per scrivere davvero quando ci si sente in vena, per renderlo quello spazio in cui ci piace rifugiarci ogni tanto. Poi noi siamo qui, se decidi di tornare su questi schermi ;)

  8. I have only just discovered your blog through twitter & i love it ...dont give up on it. You have a brilliant style of writing ...i liked your recent post on those zara shoes!! x www.itsalwaysdarkestbeforethedawn1.blogspot.com

  9. Sascha, I admire you so much for this post! I read a few blogs (fewer and fewer - and most of them merely for the pretty pictures) and I keep wondering why people do the blatant product placement. Seriously. I can understand why the most famous bloggers whose blog is a full time work and pays for their lifestyle (and collaborators' and interns') would do that, but why the average blogger would want to sell his/her voice and integrity for peanuts (because we are definitely not talking big money) is beyond me. The one strength of the blogger is not being tied to anyone and people are willing to let go of this for a freebie? I am getting to a point where I actually enjoy magazines more than blogs, because I feel that - at least - some kind of disclosure has been made.

    Kudos to you Sascha for holding to one of the last tiny bits of blogger integrity in the (fashion) universe!



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