Cruelty-Free? Let's Go Global!

I love the fact that Leona Lewis has created a cruelty-free collection for The Body Shop! I was over there yesterday and took a look and it looks like great stuff. When I bought a (lovely zesty-smelling) tangerine body lotion from the, I also signed a pledge to go cruelty-free, contributing to Cruelty Free International's campaign to take the animal testing ban global.


Things I Look Forward To

Wearing all my new spring clothes, like this H&M top!

Friends coming to London this weekend and all of us going to see a band play.

Taking walks in London parks...as soon as the weather becomes human-friendly again.


Fearless: A Tale of the Super Lipstick

As we all sometimes do, I found myself in need of a new red lipstick.


Green and Fabulous: The H&M Conscious Collection Lookbook

For all those who think that eco fashion equals dull.
For all those who think low-cost style equals cheap.
For all those who think sustainable means colourless hemp potato sacks.

Check out the new red-carpet looks from H&M's Conscious Collection...and prepare to change your mind.


PETA and Topshop Team Up for Compassionate Style

This is so awesome, I don't even know where to begin.

The cruelty-free warriors at PETA (aka my favourite place to volunteer!) have teamed up with the reign of awesomeness that is Topshop against the use of exotic skins in fashion.


Things I Love: The Weekend List

It's the weekend! Well, it's actually almost over, but it's been a good one.

Despite this absolutely unacceptable weather (when did it become okay to wear two pairs of tights in March?), this weekend has turned out more than okay, thanks to a few small-yet-significant things that always add that extra silver lining:

My new H&M jacket! It's beyond fabulous and only cost £34. Unfortunately, it's still way too darn cold to wear it, so for now I have to settle for longingly gazing at it hanging on my dress rack.


My Piece on Cruelty-Free Fashion on Indie Chicks

I am now a contributor of The Indie Chicks, an online magazine that's all about empowering women. Which feels pretty awesome.

This week is their cruelty-free week - which is darn amazing as well - and I have done an "introduction to cruelty-free fashion" piece. Click on the image to read it!


On Writing...For Free

Yesterday I read this very interesting article, When People Write for Free, Who Pays? on Gawker (I saw it on Twitter, tweeted by Rebecca from Becks and the City, a fellow writer and blogger) and then I read this blog post by a freelance writer. It made me angry, but it also made me think.



Today I wanted to share some random little pieces of inspiration that I found scattered around the internet.

We all need inspiration sometimes (yes, even you, cynic with hipster glasses) and for me personally, words are among the things that inspire me the most. That's definitely one of the reasons I like to write. And read. And discover new words.


hey, I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything's right

I first saw these shoes on Sofia' Journal a couple of weeks ago and fell in mad, can't-live-without-you-Mariah-Carey-song love with them - £25 for vegan shoes? Bring it on! So I tried Zara's online store. No luck. I even called and emailed, receiving different replies: the woman on the phone told me they'd be restocked, while the email bore the sad news that they were gone forever.



For someone as international as me, it's hard not to notice the little differences between the countries. In Russia, where I was born, International Women's Day is a holiday. It's a day when women are celebrated, pampered, treated like princesses. Men bring them flowers and buy them presents. In Sweden, where I grew up, 8th March is a feminist day. It's a day for women's rights protesters to stand up and make their voices heard for women's rights. 

I love both these traditions. And my perfect 8th March is a blend of both.

Women that never fail to inspire me:

Alicia Silverstone
Aerosmith video star, Cher in Clueless, vegan genius and all-round inspirational human being


Blogging Doubts

Those of you that follow me on Facebook may have read today that I've been having doubts and thoughts about blogging lately. While it has been an incredible six years (yes, that's how long I've been blogging!), something's now gone a bit sour.


30 Before 30: Learning to Play the Guitar

Those of you who are my Facebook friends may have seen that this is my profile picture. It makes me seem like one of those cool chicks that play guitar really well. But that was not the point of it (it just reminded me of a fun night), especially as there's one particular problem with my guitar playing: it's almost tragic how bad I am.


Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

This lovely Kate Spade iPhone case that was sent to me as a gift by the lovely people at 3 Mobile. I LOVE IT! And I'm not easy to please in the iPhone accessories department since I adore my old case that looks like  a 90s cassette tape. But I think I'll give that a rest for now. Shop this case, other cool cases and other iPhone accessories here.


Ten Eco Living Tips for Those That Can't Be Bothered

I've always cared about nature and animals, even if I'm not at all "outdoorsy". I've always paid attention to environmental issues and one of the main reasons why I'm vegan is because of the environmental benefits of a veggie diet. But even I have my limits.