I've fallen in love. Head over heels and sometimes heels over head. And over shoulders....my new love is yoga.

I've been practicing yoga on and off for a couple of years and always felt like I wanted to explore it more.  A couple of weeks ago I discovered RachelBrathen.com, the website and Instagram of the coolest chick alive - the girl pulling off the impossible pose in the above photo. Rachel, who's Swedish like me, inspired me to get back in touch with yoga. And it made sense. 

Yoga has always made everything that weighs me down either melt away or at least feel more manageable. Aside from the obvious - hello toned body and clear skin - yoga is a truly holistic workout that carries a philosophy applicable to day-to-day life. For me personally, as soon as I start twisting my body into unexplicable positions, I can't help but feel the benefits. The everyday crap gets less crappy, the irritable moods melt away like grey snow in spring sunlight and the occasional depressions that are a part of my personality are a lighter load to carry. And I dare say I believe yoga would have that effect on most people. Don't believe me? Have a go at London's Embody Wellness studio in Vauxhall - it's pretty, light, airy and has amazing instructors. If you run into a sweaty girl with a ponytail and grey Zara leggings, say hi - that would be me. And oh yeah, there's free tea. 

One thing: if you're thinking of swanning into the studio all breezy and expecting a "light" workout, then boy are you in for a surprise. Yoga is hard work. Just an example: today at lunch I was doing the splits halfway (obviously because I can't do a complete split, unlike the Olympic-style toned, gorgeous instructor), balancing my hands on upright-standing blocks and concentrating on envisioning "a calm oasis of light" instead of the bloodbath that would ensue if one of the blocks fell or my hand slipped. So no, it's not all about ohmm-ing away in blissed-out relaxation. On the other hand, the rewards are beyond amazing.

While I'm still a far cry from Rachel-style awesomeness, here's some yogic inspiration for this new path: 

...and this last one is Rachel again! Follow her on Instagram (@yoga_girl) for some mad inspo.

Rest of the pictures, Pinterest


  1. Io sto continuando a praticare pilates e mi piace tantissimo... Credo che anche lo yoga sia fantastico e che le due discipline si basino su principi simili... Ma mi sa che quest'estate potrei anche prendere qualche lezione di yoga!

  2. E poi, lo sapevi che negli States c'è una disciplina che si chiama Yoga-lates? Credo che sia un mix tra le due cose...! A Londra c'è?

    1. C'é sia a Londra che a Stoccolma e a Milano :) nella mia palestra a Milano si chiamava Piloga!


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