Vegan Stars I Love

I don't know if Ryan is vegan or vegetarian, but if he is, it's proof that perfection does exist.

I don't know if so many famous people go vegan out of compassion, eco-mindedness, for health reasons or just because it's "in" (is it in? Are we hip? I believe we are!), but I'm happy they're doing it. Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman's vegan weddings both got lots of attention (and both looked absolutely amazing) and more stars than ever are committing to the plant-based life. A big yay for these celebs (and many others):

Natalie Portman

I love this woman.
Oscar winner, Harvard student, vegan through pregnancy, vegan bride and even had custom-made vegan shoes for her Dior ad. Amazing person and all-round role model.

Anthony Kiedis

Dubbed as "the healthiest rock star", the Red Hot Chili Peppers front man is one hot fifty-year-old. He told PETA that seeing some footage of factory farms sealed the deal and made him go vegan. Compassion rocks!

Olivia Wilde

I loved it when she said that veganism's not always easy. It's true! To me it feels so fake when vegans try to sell you on how "easy" it is - maybe it's simple for Californians who have easy access to vegan food everywhere, but for the rest of us, it can be tricky. But we still do it. Vegan is a lifestyle, not a diet.

Jessica Chastain

Adore, adore, adore her! She effortlessly stole the show in The Help and I can't wait to see Zero Dark Thirty. I think Jessica's one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, which just proves that green is gorgeous!

Tobey Maguire

Now that even Spider Man is vegan, isn't it time to cut the "real men eat meat" crap?

Anne Hathaway

I just watched Les Misérables (post coming soon) and was completely blown  away by Anne. If you haven't seen it, hint: she's a way better actress than any of us Devil Wears Prada lovers thought! And, like Natalie, she's on the vegan-wedding train! Awesomeness.

Alicia Silverstone

Duh. Only my all-time role model, queen of compassion and Aerosmith video superstar.

Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard

A vegan couple. A famous vegan couple. And they're pregnant! I'm overcome with joy just typing this.

...and then there's the most gorgeous man alive.

Jared Leto

You'll never meet a bigger Jared Leto fan than me. I love this man so much it's crazy. Everything about him is wonderful and inspiring. I could literally look at him all day, that's how beautiful he is. And did you know he's 41? That's what veganism does!

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  1. Oh my, you haven't seen the 'Vegan Ryan Gosling' tumblr page? Yes, he's the perfect man.

    1. I've seen it, but is it true? Is he really vegan? I thought it was just a funny thing...

    2. Actually, now I'm not sure! I'd just assumed he was because it seemed to be what everyone claimed. But I'm just googling it now and as yet can't find reliable sourced evidence. It's heartbreaking!

  2. Tobey Maguire e Jared Leto sono semplicemente da STUPRO.

  3. "cruelty-free lifestyle blog."
    Mi piace <3

  4. Peccato che tutti i miei "amori" siano tutt'altro che vegani... Hai ragione quando dici che non è facile! Non tanto per il cibo, quanto per ciò che riguarda "beauty" e abbigliamento...ma è una scelta dalla quale non tornerei mai indietro!!! :)

  5. How amazing is Jessica Chastain! She seems like the nicest, kindest person. I agree it can be a struggle, I've only been vegan a month and I would have to say the hardest part is eating at restaurants and also dealing with people's opinions/comments/facts. It's crazy because I would never lecture a meat eater!


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