Valentine's Day Mix Tape

I'm a big fan of Valentine's Day, but that wasn't always the case.

I had never celebrated it, with or without a boyfriend, before I met my fiancé. Pre-David V-Days were spent pinig away after that drummer boy in high school (yes, I've always had a thing for musicians), wishing my ex would call me or just, you know, being a happy single girl.

 But when David and I met, all of a sudden it felt nice to have a day to celebrate love. I just think that's such a beautiful thing to celebrate. Think about it: so many people out there are looking for love. So many songs, movies, books and works of art speak of it. And I've found it. I've had the extraordinary luck to actually find love. So why the heck shouldn't I celebrate it?

And yes, we do need "a special day" when we're allowed to celebrate love. A day when all the cold-hearted cynics out there get to hide away and leave the streets free to be roamed by wild lovers. Because we're all so caught up in the day-to-day bus catching, dish washing, phone ringing, e-mail sending, lunch cooking life that sometimes we forget to take a break and remember that we're darn lucky to have love in our lives. So happy Valentine's to all you romantics out there.

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  1. Thank you My Dear... I wish you an Happy Valentine Day...We really need to celebrate love...


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