The Luckiest Girlfriend in the World

I'm happy for the girls who got a diamond ring for Valentine's Day. Maybe even with matching earrings.

I'm happy for the girls who are unwrapping a Chanel bag with unbridled excitement at this very moment.

I'm happy for the girls who found a ticket to Paris under their pillow yesterday morning.

I'm happy for the girls who were picked up in a limo, taken shopping and wined and dined at fancy restaurants.

But me? I don't need any of that.

Because diamonds come and go, earrings get lost and a bag is just a bag.

But every time I see my present, a drawing of me playing David's Ibanez, I can't help but smile sheepishly like an idiot. The fact that he's an amazing artist just makes it even more unbelievable and incredible that he chose ME.
We dream of many things, but I never dared believe that I'd be this lucky.


  1. What a fantastic gift and one you will ALWAYS remember :)

  2. This is AMAZING!!

    Such a thoughtful gift! Something you can keep forever and have up in your home together. I totally agree about some of the more expensive gifts - getting lost and to be honest forgotten about. But this is just simply so romantic and special!

    Alex xo

  3. Non ho parole.

    Solo invidia.

    Tanta, invidia.


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