Sunday Inspiration: The Playlist

First of all I apologize for having left you guys without your C&H fix since Thursday (yes, I know the abstinence must be absolutely horrible. But you know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder!). The thing is, on Friday night my computer cable just decided it was time to call it quits. Fortunately, David is a DIY wiz and by this afternoon he managed to get things back on track. But anyway, I'm sorry.

So I was going through some pictures to create my Sunday Inspiration list and I just felt so very uninspired looking at all those Fashion Week photos of girls in high heels carrying £2000 bags made out of dead animals. Or am I just jealous that I wasn't invited to Fashion Week? If there's one thing that truly annoys me this time of year, it's all these glamorous women complaining about how "stressful" Fashion Week is. You know, dashing off in a cab from one show to another, wearing heels all day (even in snow, shock, horror! Get over yourselves: some of us come from Sweden and wear four-inch heels in three inches of snow and ice like nobody's business five months a year. And besides, you know, you could just wear biker boots. I promise, Anna Wintour will not run after you and bite you in the leg. How do I know? I've actually worn flats to Milan Fashion Week.) and then of course there's the hassle of having to fly from New York to London and then to Milan and Paris. Oh, the stress! Oh, the stress-induced wrinkles! Oh, the unbearable horror of it all! I say, try not being invited and see how you like it. And also: eat a (vegan) cupcake. You can't handle the stress because you don't get enough carbs.

So, this week I am rebelling against the fashion week show-off championships and posting a Sunday Inspiration Playlist instead of pictures of gorgeous women in expensive dresses. 

 These are just a few of the songs I've been listening a lot to since I moved to London and they always lift my mood. Enjoy!

I know there's always lots of 30 Seconds to Mars in my playlists. But what can I do, I'm obsessed. 

 Have a nice Sunday everyone and let's talk Oscar winners and dresses tomorrow morning at breakfast, ok?

Picture from my Instagram


  1. I LOVE 30 Seconds To Mars, they are on of my favourite bands ever.

    Bump to Baby

    1. I love having readers with awesome taste in music :)

  2. Nice playlist! What camera do you use for your photos?

    1. my iPhone camera :) Hoping to get a real camera soon...as soon as I can afford a good one!

  3. Bella l'idea della Palylist, come si dice a Roma: te l'appoggio! ahahahahah! e ti appoggio anche l'ossessione per i 30 seconds to Mars, anche a me piacciono molto!! :)))
    Buona settimana!
    Un abbraccio


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