Here We Go Again: Blog Awards

Yesterday the lovely Catherine from Buying Cruelty Free nominated me for a Liebster Blog award and Leyla at Only a Storm in a Coffee Cup nominated me for a Versatile Blogger award - I love these things because I always find lots of fun new blogs to follow and I get to answer questions about myself.

Here's how it works:

It’s like a chain of letters, with a difference : we share blogs that we love!

But it doesn’t mean there’s no rules!

Here they are :

1- Once nominated, you have to publish about it on your blog & of course, thank the person who named you by linking to his or her blog.

2- In your post, you have to tell us 11 facts about you.

3- You’ll also have to answer the 11 questions the person who nammed you left on his or her blog.

4- Choose 11 other bloggers with under 200 followers to nominate (not the person who nominated you), link to their blog and make sure you let them know they are nominated.

5- Choose 11 questions you want to be answered

6- The new nominees have to do the same, so the chain goes on!

Let’s begin!

11 things about me:
1. I was born in Moscow, Russia.
2. My birthname was Alexandra, but Sascha is used as a nickname for both Alexandra and Alexander in Russia, so since I was always called that, it ended up in my passport along with Alexandra.
3. I'm terrified of insects.
4. I have two younger sisters. They're called Sofie and Elisabeth.
5. I can't ride a bike.
6. When I was little I was crazy about this band called 3T - they were Michael Jackson's nephews! I had a crush on one of them, but I don't remember which one.
7. I'm not sure I want kids.
8. I'm a bore at amusement parks - I'm scared of everything and am easily nauseated.
9. I have lots of girl crushes - Mila Kunis, Liv Tyler, Kaley Cuoco and Emma Stone to name a few.
10. I can't stand potatoes, except chips and crisps. It's the only vegetable I don't like.
11. At the moment, my favourite song is probably "Since I've Been Loving You" by Led Zeppelin.
My answers to Catherine's questions:
1. What inspired you to start your blog? Tell us the story of how your blog came to be.

I'd blogged for such a long time. I was one of Italy's first fashion bloggers, way before the term came to mean "look at what I'm wearing today". But in 2011 I first started toying with the idea of going vegan and cruelty-free, but without sacrificing my love of style, so that's how Coffee and Heels was born - to document my journey.

2. You’re going away for a month. You need to pack light so you just grab your essentials. What’s in your makeup/skincare bag?

Lush Herbalism face wash and Imperialis moisturizer, The Body Shop red lipstick and shea butter lip balm, Bottega Verde green tea deodorant and Lily Lolo black mascara and eyeliner.

3. Growing up, what did you want to be? What was your dream job?

Hollywood actress and musical performer.

4. What’s your favorite TV show?

All-time: Friends.
Right now: New Girl.

5. If you could only wear one foundation for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Right now The Body Shop, but I can't wait to try Liz Earle.

6. What are your top three favorite makeup brushes?

The cruelty free ones at Boots.

7. On a typical day, how long do you spend on your beauty routine?

Half an hour between skin care and makeup.

8. What’s your go-to everyday makeup look?

Black liner and red lips (see above picture).

9. Same question but for hair – how do you usually wear your hair for everyday?

Two possibilities: a) clean hair, loose and messy, or b) I'm-washing-it-tomorrow hair that's up in a ponytail.

10. I’m a lip balm junkie, so I’m always interested to know – what’s your absolute favorite lip balm?

L'Erbolario Tangerine lip balm, but if I'm not in Italy I'll go for The Body Shop shea butter.

11. If you had to describe yourself in just five words, what words would you pick?
Dreamer, adventurer, compassionate, impatient, curious.
My questions (I've used some of Catherine's)
1. Where were you born?
2. If you HAD to choose, for the rest of your life: flats or heels?
3. What places do you dream of visiting?
4. What's your favourite dessert?
5. Favourite movie(s)?
6. What do you love about blogging?
7.  What did you dream of being when you were growing up?
8. What trend or item of clothing would you NEVER wear?
9. What's your favourite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon?
10. Who's your celebrity crush?
11. Describe your blog in three words!
and now...the nominees!
Alex at Bump to Baby
Marissa at In My Shoes
Tati at Cafe Au Lait
...and anyone else who feels like it!


  1. Oh wow thanks for nominating me hun :) I was recently nominated and did a post on my blog but I will do it again and answer your questions! x

  2. Non ci posso credere,che tempistica che ho! :)
    Anche io ti ho premiata con il versatile blogger awards!Se ti va di partecipare passa pure dal mio blog!

  3. Grazie grazie grazie per le nomina!! Non sai quanto piacere mi fa!! Non sapevo nulla di questa iniziativa, appena posso ci metto mano! CHE BELLA COSA!!!
    Grazie ancora!
    Un abbraccio grande

  4. Thanks for nominating me. :-)
    Can't wait to get around to doing this!

    Bump to Baby


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