Could It Be? A Vegan Designer at New York Fashion Week

...yes, really!

The gorgeous girl in the too-adorable-for words photo above is Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, the genius founder and creative director of Vaute Couture, a kick-ass vegan fashion brand I'd shop at ALL the time if I could afford it. I'm beyond psyched for Leanne to be showing at New York Fashion Week - she's the first all-vegan animal rights designer to show her collection in such a huge, worldwide context, which is an incredible step for vegan fashion.

But I'm sure Leanne won't be the last. This step shows that the world is finally ready for ethical, sustainable, animal-friendly apparel to take its rightful place on the glossy fashion map. 2013 is the year when fashion will grow a heart (to go with its endless legs and shiny hair) and wearing animals will no longer be the only option. Here's to a vegan revolution on the catwalk!

Read more about Leanne and the show (and, if you're from the US, enter to win show tickets!) at The Kind Life.


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