Coffee and Heels Goes Out: H&M David Beckham Press Event

Yesterday a work contact invited me to the  press screening of H&M’s new David Beckham ad (directed by Guy Richie)  at London’s super-swanky Soho hotel and, well, I said yes obviously (carpe Diem! Carpe Beckhamem!), hoping that David would be there, catch a glimpse of me and fall head over heels in love. Just kidding, I already have my very own blond thirtysomething David . However, I got my butt out of my work-from-home PJs and into a lace dress and off I trotted. 

Every time I’m invited to a fancy fashion thing (which tends to happen, as I work in the industry) I feel like such an outsider. Everyone’s so stylish and chic and wearing this season’s Prada, while I remain a frizzy-haired weirdo in faux-leather shoes. And I’m always the only one who doesn’t know anyone. Still, at the end I always have fun. Everyone treats you like a queen just because you’re from a website or magazine, there’s always really pretty food which no-one ever eats (I used to be the only one laying into the cookies, but now that I’m vegan I find myself joining the calorie-counter team in a hunger strike) and champagne (now that, on the other hand, I’m always up for) and there’s almost always a goodie bag at the end. Who could say no to a goodie bag? Not me.

Here are some bits and pieces from H&M's lovely Valentine's Day collection:

And I told you there was cake:

and a goodie bag!

It's more of  a present for my boyfriend than for me - three pairs of David Beckham Bodywear boxers and meringues, which I can't eat as they're obviously not vegan, but they look cute!

…and the film itself…ladies, get ready to swoon and gentlemen, get ready to, well, feel inspired to work out!

Pictures by me

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  1. I have to admit that David Beckham does absolutely nothing for me, it is true. I can hear you screaming from here ;) But that does look like a very nice day out!


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