Taking a Breather

Thank you for all the sweet comments on my latest post. They made me smile!

I hope 2013 will be a really fantastic year, but it sure isn't starting out right. So many things have already gone wrong this January - small things, bigger things, lie-awake-at-night things. Things are rocky right now - life goes up and down and now is definitely a down. 

Friday David and I are going to Milan for the weekend. I don't know if I can blog from there, since my in-laws don't have much internet access. Right now I feel like I need a break from the computer - my head is pounding and my eyes even hurt at night. What I need right now is not a PC screen. It's chatting to a friend over a glass of wine, having a long lunch, watching a movie, reading a book.  I just need to zone out for a bit, for my health and well-being (hey, I didn't tell you, but I actually worked through Christmas break, so I deserve it!). 
So Coffee and Heels will take a tiny break...but I'll be back soon! This weekend or next week I'll have more posts and lovely Milan pictures for you. 

Until then, thank you. For reading, commenting, tweeting, e-mailing. For being the kick-ass people you are. Every time I hear from you, I'm happy. This is what having a blog is all about. So thanks.

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  1. Have fun and enjoy! Hope you will feel better after Milan! <3

  2. The things you plan to do on your break sound the best things to do. Relax, re-focus and take care of yourself x

  3. ma come non ha la connessione a milano??? la città della fibra ottica! =P

    buon break allora!

  4. Hope you come back! i know all too well that feelin'..this too shall pass :-)


    Gisela & Maury


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