Sunday Inspiration: 20 January

I really need some inspiration today.

Lately I've been feeling like the days are slipping away, like life isn't taking off. Days, weeks, months just keep floating by, unremarkable, unsatisfactory, bland.

"But you're in the most amazing city in the world!" you'd say. Yes, I am. But the lack of friends money and some kind of a sense of direction makes me feel like I'm not living London properly. And sometimes I find myself wondering if I wasn't better off next to my family, my friends and my old life. At least it was a life.

So yes, some inspiration would be useful right now. As would some tea. And a good book. And maybe a kitten, if I had one.


  1. Capisco a pieno come ti senti.Anche io ho vissuto a Londra (anche se non per moltissimo)e nonostante fossi in una delle città più belle del mondo a volte mi sono sentita molto sola e senza una vera meta.I primi tempi è dura,poi ci si abitua e piano piano ti sentirai sempre più a tuo agio.
    Una cosa che molti non capiscono è che fare nuove amicizie in una metropoli come Londra è difficile davvero.
    Se ti posso dare un piccolo consiglio internet è uno strumento molto utile:forum,gruppi su facebook ti possono aiutare a conoscere persone che si sentono un po sperdute come te e cercano amici.Io a casa non ho mai creduto nel trovare amici su internet,ma in realtà mi ha aiutato molto.
    Spero che tutto si sistemi... :)

  2. Eh si, poco contano le cose senza ispirazione.

    Buona domenica sera!

  3. You know it is kind of amazing to go to a blog I`ve followed only for a short time and find the writer writing just about the things I am feeling myself!
    I just moved to Germany, and lack of similiar-minded people (I live in a really strict catholic area as openly queer vegan with pink hair...), money (Au Pair`s don`t earn...) and long distances from here to anywhere kind of make me feel I am not living my gap year as full as I could, and it makes me sad often.

  4. capisco molto bene il feeling, mi sono trasferita per amore in un bellissimo paesino sul lago e la mancanza di amici miei a volte si fa sentire. Tieni duro!

  5. When I start feeling like this, I plan things to look forward to, even if I have to save for them just so I know there's something coming up that I really want to do. and then I eat a whole packet of chocolate chip cookies with a glass of cold milk...

    hope you get inspired soon - have my fingers crossed for you :)

  6. Hi Sascha! I just want to say: hang in there, it will get better. Moving to a different city is a huge change and it takes some time to adjust and build yourself a new life. I felt exactly the same way last year when i left Paris for Montreal where i had no job and only one friend. A year and a half later i can say that things are much better, money is good and i have many friends. I still haven't found an ispiring job but i keep looking, as i already said, it takes some time. I have so much respect and admiration for the way you live your life, sure it is not always easy, but i am 100% sure that it is worth it. You will be soon the happiest girl in London ;-)


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