I Want, I Want, I Want: Hunter Wellies

I never thought I'd be a wellies girl, but since I moved to London I've been dying for a pair of Hunters. My inspiration is, as often, Alexa Chung, who never fails to make casual look mind-blowingly fantastic, but also the army of London girls walking down rainy streets in them.

In London, Hunter boots are practically part of the uniform. I'm surprised they don't hand them out at the airport to new Londoners. However, they are also somewhat pricey - or is it just society that has this idea that rain boots generally should be almost free? My boyfriend called me crazy for even looking for a pair of £167 rubber boots and my sister was overcome with guilt when buying a £28 pair of wellies on sale at Cath Kidston. While I in no way can afford them (sigh!) I value quality vegan footwear very highly, not to mention rubber boots in London weather. Hence, a pair of Hunters has earned a place on my 2013 style wishlist.

If you're a compassionate fashionista (like myself) on the hunt for leather-free options or just if your feet are soaked, look no further than Camden town, where little shoe shops always sell Hunters cheaper. If you're lucky, you might even get them half-price!

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  1. I have a pair of Hunters wellies and they are AWESOME! I lived in London for 5 years and they are definitely a necessity there.



  2. I have a pair and they are perfect for the rainy weather here in Vancouver!


  3. I have them too in purple, and I love them. But you got to wear really thick socks inside, because it tends to freeze your feet since they are made of rubber.


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