They say home is where the heart is.

My heart lives in many places, but Stockholm is, and always will be, the home I return to.

Every time my plane lands here, I feel like I'm back home again and a familiar warmth fills my entire being as I drag my enormous suitcase through the arrivals hall at the airport. Home is something you recognise, something you know.

Me and my beautiful sister Sofie - the future bride! - on New Year's Eve.

Home is where your celebrations are.

Home is where you laugh until you cry and eat until all you can do is lay on the couch and watch Christmas movies.

Home is where you wake up with a smile on your face.

Home is where you feel so unconditionally loved that you never even stop to think about it...even if you should.

Home is a place that you eventually have to leave...and even if you feel a bit relieved, you also have to admit that it does plant a tiny bit of sadness in your soul.

...plus, home, to me (and David, whom you see in this picture with Joey) will always be where the cat is!

Pictures from my Instagram


  1. Quando la propria vita è sballottata da un posto a un altro, quando le valigie sono sempre pronte per essere imbarcate, quando trascorriamo più tempo a prenotare aerei o treni che siano, l'unica certezza che si cerca è sentirsi a casa. Ed è una sensazione speciale, accogliente e intima, che ti fa sentire protetta e sicura.

    E quando la si prova non si può tornare indietro!


  2. Sweden always looks so pretty, especially in the snow. I'd love to visit one day as it's where my family originated from :) xx

  3. Your cat is gorgeous, not that Sofie and David aren't but you get what I mean! Beautiful pic of the snow too (and I don't really like snow!)


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