Hello 2013

Things I look forward to in the new year:

Tea with my family.

Waking up to sunshine.

Seeing my beautiful sister as a June bride. I will cry my eyes out!

Listening to a really amazing song for the first time.

Wearing a really amazing dress for the first time.

Painting my nails every colour in the rainbow.

Reading lots and lots of books.

Starting my new job.

Meeting new people and hearing new stories.

Discovering new places and coming home to familiar atmospheres.

Doing yoga.

Apartment hunting...and decorating.

Going to a fantastic concert and being truly immersed in music.

Standing in airport departure queues, going through gates, taking off and landing.

Vanilla soy lattes.

Big, chunky winter scarves and floaty summer dresses.

Watching a good movie with a cup of vegan hot chocolate.

Dreaming new dreams.

picture from my Instagram


  1. Such a good list of things to look forward to! xx

  2. What a lovely list!! You've inspired me to make my own :) Bonne année à toi et meilleurs voeux pour 2013 !



  3. Absolutely lovely! Good luck for 2013!


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