Sixteen Things That I'm Darn Proud Of

(yes, I know I Tumblr'd this picture today. But I just love it. Also, if you noticed that I Tumblr'd it, that means you're one of the extremely few people who follow my Tumblr - thank you. Oh, and thank you to my favourite inspiration queens at They All Hate Us for the picture.)

1. Having the balls to move to LA, alone, from Stockholm at nineteen years old. Having the courage to recognize that this was going to be the scariest thing I'd ever done...and still doing it.

2. Going vegetarian at eleven, facing ridicule, endless questions and questionable "alternative" lunches at middle school. I knew this was right for me, and everyone else could well eat as many sausages as they wanted.

3. Snatching cigarettes from my smoker friends in high school, yelling, "they're bad for you!"
4. Entering a writing competition in a US teen magazine at thirteen and receiving a letter from them saying that if the winner didn't have to be a US resident, they'd pick me. Plus, they sent me a really cool diary planner as a gift! Thirteen-year-old Sascha was over the moon.

5. Reading War and Peace in Russian at fifteen and deciding it was my favourite book. I'm proud of this because good taste in books is fundamental if you're going to be a writer. And speaking of that...

6. Deciding in high school that I'd write for Cosmopolitan one day and making that dream come true ten years later.

7. Learning Italian. During my first weeks in Italy, I daydreamed about the day when I'd open my mouth and Italian would just come tumbling out. That day has come long ago and I'm so happy it has.

8. Going vegan. I'm not perfect and I do mess up, but at least I've found a path. One I really, truly madly love.

9. Saying "screw you" (sometimes mentally, sometimes out loud) to those telling my boyfriend and myself to "grow up, have kids, buy a house and give up those music/writing dreams."

10. Paying for university myself. Not mum and dad. Just me. A hint: debt isn't that scary, as long as you feel it's an investment. Or if you, like me, spent your uni years in the infinite gorgeousness of Florence. That alone is worth the student loan.

11. Blogging about cruelty-free makeup, leather-free shoes and following your dreams. 

12. Trying to be a good girlfriend. I said TRYING.

13. Finally living in London. Not to mention actually managing to find a job!

14. Kicking my eating disorder's ass. Forever.

15. Having a true talent for friend-choosing.

16. Trying not to judge anyone, ever, no matter how hard it may be. 

What are you proud of about yourself? Come on, I'm sure you can think of something.


  1. These are incredible things you should absolutely be proud of, congrats to you!

  2. Che bel post! E complimenti per le tue azioni! E' una cosa su cui riflettere sai?
    Un abbraccio

  3. anche io sono molto molto orgogliosa di essermi mantenuta da sola all'università, così come di essere andata per quasi due anni a Stoccolma, realizzando il mio sogno di bambina di vivere e studiare all'estero :)

  4. What a fantastic list Sascha! You should be very proud :) I am proud of many things but one is pulling myself up by my boot laces when I've been kicked (by life I mean) and moving forwards when many have said to me, "I don't know how you keep going if that was me I would be on the floor". I don't want to limit that to one awful event in my life, but to the many I have experienced. I am proud the harshness of life has not defeated me!


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