Cruelty-Free Beauty Review: The Body Shop's Banana Conditioner

I have a terrible secret to confess: I don't always use conditioner. Some days when it's still dark outside, my alarm blares and there's barely enough time to get dressed and pour a soy latte (not to mention a healthy, nutritious breakfast) down my throat, I just lather up with shampoo. Not the best idea, I know. Nothing compares to that smooth, silky feeling you get after using a Really Good Conditioner. Like The Body Shop's Banana one.

I bought this conditioner based on one single factor: the lovely scent. I stood in the Camden shop, smelling this delicious little bottle of awesomeness and envisioned a whole new head of glossy, swishy hair. Smelling of banana. Of course, conditioners can't work miracles, but this one is wonderful. Not only does it really make your hair as soft as all the commercials promise, but it also has an addiction-provoking fragrance (that will make you a little bit hungry).

Note: as stated in previous posts, I do support The Body Shop, even if they are owned by L'Oréal. The Body Shop has always had a strong cruelty-free stance and I think that's a great message to send to the parent company: we will support you, as long as you are cruelty-free. If L'Oréal notice more people buying The Body Shop, they just might invest more in cruelty-free. But I do understand those of ýou that don't want to give money to L'Oréal, since it's one of the big animal-testing corporations. I, however, choose to support the cruelty-free stance of The Body Shop.

You can buy the conditioner here!

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  1. I thought a long time ago that L'Oreal actually at least stopped testing on animals in cases of a new and improved product. Surprised they have not moved forward since then.
    I will have to check out the shampoo.

  2. non ricordo l'ultimo lavaggio senza un balsamo. da quando ho la frangia mi rendo meglio conto dell'effetto quando lo utilizzo, però appesantisce leggermente il capello e lo rende più docile.

    sai che avevo trovato una crema di collistar idratante viso che sapeva di banana??? non era pubblicizzato (ovvio) ma aveva lo stesso identico odore!

  3. Io sono una grande fan di Lush(che ho scoperto grazie a un post sul tuo blog).Mi piacerebbe provare anche questi prodotti ma da me non si trovano!

    Come va il nuovo lavoro!Aspetto il post im cui ne parlerai! :) Spero ti trovi bene!

  4. How do you find how which products are in fact tested on animals?

  5. Ashley, that's a great question! I'll do a post on it.

  6. I actually do that too, and it's horrible. My hair feels all course and tangly until the next time I wash it.

    I never would have guessed that the Body Shop's conditioner is good! Usually I think that if a shampoo or conditioner smells that nice, it'll probably dry out my hair - but maybe I'll give this one a try!


  7. I could never get away with not using conditioner... I'd be much better off not using shampoo instead! I tend to use just a tiny bit of shampoo and tons of conditioner anyway. The Banana Shampoo smells amazing, I love it. I absolutely agree with your take on The Body Shop... I used to see things very black and white, but I've come to realize that's not really the way to change things

  8. I have to second the banana conditioner love. I use it on my daughter's hair and adore the banana-tastic scent!


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