Hopes and wishes for 2014

photo by my talented sister Sofie

As 2013 comes to an end, I'm mostly feeling...sleepy. I don't sleep well without David and after ten nights by myself, I'd be surprised if I can make it past midnight tonight. But, as I often like to say in the mornings, there's nothing a good cup of coffee can't fix!

My day will mainly consist of picking up David at the airport, get ready and then eat, drink and be merry with my family. Saying goodbye to 2013 and welcoming in the new year will be a cozy, food and wine-fuelled affair.


Unkept resolutions and big changes

My best Instagram moments of the year on video - thanks Statigram!

Every year, like so many of us, I make New Year's resolutions. They mostly tend to be about rather big life changes - I'm not a do-things-halfway kind of girl. Quite surprisingly, I do keep my resolutions most of the time. In 2011, I vowed to start volunteering at a dog and cat shelter. I did, not until October, but still.
2012 was a huge year: I promised to go vegan and move to London and I did both. After so many changes, calmer times were bound to come and indeed, 2013 was the first year that my resolutions were left unfulfilled.


What I want this Christmas

To enjoy Russian tea with Swedish saffron Christmas sweets
To watch movies with my sister curled up on her sofa
To walk along any street in Stockholm and see every window of every building twinkle with Christmas decorations


Why freelancing is not "the dream"

starving artist tip

Disclaimer: this post does not in any way mean I regret my choice to quit my job. I'm very glad I did and would have done the same thing if I were to go back in time.

Yesterday I got a letter in the mail that made me drop my cup of ginger tea all over myself. It was a letter from the Swedish tax authorities letting me know I have an ENORMOUS amount to pay over a very short time - expenses connected to my closing down my company since I moved to the UK and setting up UK self-employment instead. It will be sorted out, so don't worry about me! But it made me think of how the freelancing lifestyle is often sold as a Dream Lifestyle...and how it really, really isn't.


Christmas in Southbank

I love London at any time of the year, but around Christmas time it's magical. It all lights up with a million twinkling fairy lights, filling the air with a festive atmosphere that's unique and at the same time so familiar. I love discovering little pieces of Christmas magic around the city - and I'm lucky enough to live really close to one of them, Southbank centre.


Competition on Vilda Magazine!

This is exciting! My magazine's having its very first giveaway!

Starting today and until the 19th of December, you can win a free box full of vegan goodies from The Vegan Kind, a lovely monthly subscription service that I love!

If you live in the UK (sorry, they only ship to the UK for now), head here to take part in the competition!


Model Me: I'm one of the Faces of Beauty Without Cruelty

As if we needed more proof that absolutely anyone can be a model these days, I am stunned to announce that I have been chosen as one of the five Faces of Beauty Without Cruelty, the UK-based beauty brand offering vegan and cruelty-free beauty goodies.

Yes, really.

Yeah, I know, I'm amazed too.

Okay, you can stop acting surprised now, I'm getting kinda offended here.


London Q&A: the myths, the truths and everything you want to know

Since I receive emails almost every day asking me advice and tips on moving to London, I thought I'd put together a little Q&A on how to move here, what to keep in mind and what to expect from your first months in London. My first piece of advice if you're planning to move is DO IT. London is a fantastic city and, even if it's quite a difficult city to start out in, it's still worth a try if your heart is set on making it. Here are the answers to some of the questions I'm regularly asked:


Vilda Magazine is now live!

I almost can't believe it!

From a tiny idea I had a year and a half ago...to something that's actually online for the world to see.

As I published my first-ever Editor's Notes, I stopped and thought about what a wild journey it has been...and it's only just beginning.


Things I love TV: Orange is the New Black

All of my US readers will think I'm SO late to the party, whereas many readers from other countries will either exclaim, "oh God, I love it so much too!" or wonder, "what's that?" I'm especially glad for the latter - if I manage to inspire someone to watch Orange is the New Black, I'll have a reason to really be proud of myself today.


The VeganKind: an instant pick-me-up

This week has been anything but a pleasure: on Monday I got TWO calls from job interviews both giving me the "we're sorry" speech, plus I worked so much on my freelance projects and Vilda that I ended up in bed with the mother of all colds (I haven't had a cold in a year and a half, since going vegan!) and a monster headache - I never have headaches. I've literally never had one in my life before. As soon as I even looked at the computer screen, my head exploded to pieces. So it's not been the best of weeks. But one good thing that happened was that the very first The Vegan Kind box landed in my mailbox!


Things I Love: Lily Allen's "Hard Out Here" song and video

How much do I love this song and video?

I stumbled across it the other day when Caitlin Moran tweeted it. What makes me laugh are all the comments from people saying that "you shouldn't complain about women being naked in videos and then do it yourself." OH PLEASE! If the irony behind it isn't crystal clear to you, maybe you should question your interpretation skills.


The road less travelled

Yesterday I had a discussion (read: screaming fight) with David at Starbucks about the sacrifices of being vegan. David was an omnivore before we got together and is now (most days) a vegetarian, thanks to my influence - his words, not mine, I never try to influence anyone. David claimed that being vegan does have its sacrifices while I kept insisting that wasn't the case. Now that I've had some time to think about it, I've realised we were both right. And wrong.


Head over Heels: the perfect vegan ankle boots

Even though I spend a lot of my time in flat boots (sometimes I ask myself if the blog should change its name to Ginger Tea and Biker Boots), I still love a bit of heel: that little extra push, that elevation, that sense of put-togetherness is a game-changer. I remember when I was young(er) and still finding myself through various shoe personalities: for about six months, I wore only heels. All the time, even to the supermarket. Then I rebelled against the "men don't find ballet flats sexy" notion by spending an entire summer sporting a vast variety of ballerinas. And a few years ago, as my grunge period began (and never truly ended), I discovered Converse and thought I'd never wear anything else...until winter came and I slipped into a pair of comfy biker boots. But back to heels now.


Saying yes to the dress

Photo: I've said yes to the dress.

NB: to respect the whole "groom can't see the bride in the dress" tradition, none of the pictures in this post are of The Dress. They are all of other dresses I tried on.

I lived a fairytale today.

From waking up this morning in my hometown of Stockholm and having breakfast with my mum to travelling into the city and meeting up with my sister and best friend (also known as The Bridesmaids) to standing in front of the wedding shop and realising that we weren't here for anyone else. We were here for me. I was going to choose my wedding dress today.


The ultimate challenge: travelling with only carry-on

I love travelling - I know a lot of people say that, but I actually love the journey, not just the destination. I love waking up at 4 am knowing that I have to catch the cab to the airport coach station. I love airports - Stansted here in London is a huge favourite - and I love the coach ride there as it's an entire hour that I can sit back, relax, listen to music and do absolutely nothing. I actually like flying. But the only thing I don't like about the journey is the luggage.


Latest Beauty Reviews: The Body Shop, Bottega Verde, Sukin

I've done a bit of shopping lately. Not necessarily things I need - mostly things I want. Little luxuries that over time have become necessities. When shopping for beauty products, I tend to remain faithful to my favourite brands. I figure if something's working, why bother changing it? But sometimes, in the name of research (and shopping!) I like trying new things.


It's not about not being afraid. It's about doing it anyway.

Heading home from Milan and looking over my first drafts of the editorial calendar for Vilda Magazine, I found myself pausing to look back on the origins of the project, my original ideas and appreciate how quickly everything's happening - I first applied for the Marie Claire Inspire & Mentor Scheme in May and Vilda is launching in November. Something that was once only an idea in my head is now becoming a reality. And there it was: fear.


Things I wish I could wear this winter


Picture from Pinterest

I love looking at clothes I can't afford. When I was in college, the decadent pleasure of flipping through fashion magazines and the drooling over shoes, bags and jackets that cost more than twice my monthly rent was anchored in a dreamy illusion: that one day (presumably at the grand old age of thirty), I would actually be able to pull a black American Express out of my Stella McCartney wallet and feel the satiny handles of the glossy shopping bag in my hands, knowing that the precious (cue Gollum voice) was finally mine.

I marvel at how foolish we can be. And how life never fails to set us straight.


A peek into the past

When David and I left Milan, I left a bunch of my old boxes at his parents' house. Every time we come back, I find something I remember that I just love and have to bring home to London. Be it my old Friends DVDs, a monochrome full skirt or a structured dress, I never fail to fall back in love with a part of my old self.


Exhausted but happy

The past week has been beyond insane. I've had lots going on with clients, meetings and Vilda. What finally happened is that I'm going to Milan tomorrow and my suitcase is...well, it's 8.18 p.m and it's still in the closet. So that's what happens when you work too much.

I feel like everything's been a whirlwind since I really got started on Vilda, since my work with other clients has intensified as well. Plus, I've started planning my wedding - if that's not time-consuming, I don't know what is. 

Still, I feel happy and satisfied right now. I might not be exactly where I want to be yet, but I'm getting there.

See you soon guys - I'm off to Milan tomorrow, I'll try to blog from there. Have a great week!

Picture from Pinterest



He carries his guitar on his shoulder with an incredible lightness, as if it weighed less than a feather. On his other shoulder rests a backpack filled with cables, pedals and other tools he needs to work his magic, tools that I will never understand, full of stories that speak a language I don't know.

As he plugs in and sets up, people in the pub chat, drink, laugh. No one takes any notice of him...yet. He's alone up there, but he doesn't seem to mind. Even if the world fell to pieces around him at this very moment, he'd still stand there, tuning in, fine-polishing the sounds, making sure everything is just perfect. I take a sip of my wine, a little bit jealous: his true love is in his arms, and I am down here, blending in, just one of the many girls in lace dresses.


Vilda Magazine update

After a looooong night of sweating, swearing and almost crying (when I lost my Wordpress password and was told that the reset link would be sent to an admin email that didn't exist), I finally managed to accomplish the above: www.vildamagazine.com


Coffee and Heels at VegFest London

I was lucky enough to be invited to VegFest, a huge festival celebrating all things vegan, held this weekend in London's Kensington Olympia. As I had never been to a big vegan event before, I kept an open mind - and an empty stomach!


Open letter to a certain hiring manager


Or should I say, Dear...

....gotcha! Don't worry, I won't write your or your company's name on my blog. Although you most definitely deserve it.

So Hey it is. Hey.

You remember me. I came in for an interview a couple of weeks ago. I had moved things around and taken a day off from a client - a good client! - to come and see you. I loved your cosy office. I loved your laid-back style. I even appreciated the questions you asked me and I was certain that we had a good thing going on here.


Unreal Fur: fake it with style

“You cannot fake chic, but you can be chic and fake fur.” - Karl Lagerfeld

Even if a few maniacs out there (such as myself) still insist on open shoes, there's no denying the fact that summer is behind us. October is here, with crisp leaves and chilly winds, prompting fashionistas everywhere to make room in their wardrobes for stylish winter warmers. And I find myself wanting a fur coat, but definitely NOT of the variety that Anna Wintour would have liked.

Unreal Fur are real style champions - they're taking faux fur to the next level and actually making it cool. How? By realising that what compassionate fashion really needs is the s-factor - STYLE. Every Unreal Fur product is absolutely beautiful and looks totally real - without any of the cruelty and suffering.


Why you should go to London VegFest

This post has sponsored content

VegFest UK is a huge, fabulous vegan and vegetarian event coming to London's Kensington Olympia on 5-6 October - and you bet your butt I'm going to be there. Why? Read on...



People are ready to confess to a multitude of sins: I've heard friends admitting to acting, thinking or feeling selfish, narrow-minded, cold-hearted. The one sentiment that no one ever wants to own up to, for some reason, is envy. The beast, the green monster. Apparently, it's the most shameful feeling a human being           can possibly experience.


Things I love right now

Krysten Ritter's PETA ad - a sexy glamazon rescuing a dog from a hot car? I LOVE.
I adored Krysten in Don't Trust The B in apt. 23 - it's a shame that show got cancelled, it made me laugh until I cried several times! Krysten's character Chloe was one funny lady. I like this ad because she takes charge - she's strong and not afraid to take risks to save animals. Kick-ass!


Magazine team update

I'm completely overwhelmed by the response I have gotten to my magazine project - THANK YOU.

I never thought this would happen - instead of the two-three emails I expected, I was showered with applications, some of them really top notch! I'm infinitely grateful for this.

Trouble is, ALL the applications were for writers! Some of you are really fabulous and I'm delighted to have you on my team!

I also need:

Online stylists: strong trend knowledge, knowledge of cruelty-free and vegan brands preferred but not essential. Fashion background is a must!

Tech support: anyone who knows about Wordpress, Photoshop, programming, CSS and HTML: I NEED YOU SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA. You're gold to me.

Anyone who's ever used Squarespace: email me. Please.

I mentioned you don't have to be vegan, but if you are, it's obviously a plus!

Guys, I'm sorry about this being unpaid for now. If it's any consolation, I'm not making a penny from it and will probably not do so in a long time. I'm only putting money into the project at the moment, with no secure prospects of return on investment and/or profit. I promise that I'll shower you with any free gifts I can! And if you're ever in London, I'd be happy to take you to a vegan cupcake place - my treat.

Oh and one more thing - I feel really bad saying this, but if you're contacting me about contributing as a writer and you don't have a very good level of written English, I'm going to have to say no. I don't mean to sound horrible, but if I want this project to be taken seriously (i.e not referred to as "a vegan blog") and really be a hit, I need a high-quality team and English is the only language this magazine will use. If you want to do product selections and/or tech help and your English is limited, that works fine! But if you're applying to be a writer, your English has to be flawless. Please send me links and/or attached samples of your writing!

On the other hand, if you're a Wordpress/Squarespace/Photoshop/HTML whiz, I'd still be happy to have you on board even you speak only a very rare Chinese dialect.

Thanks and let's make this a hit project!


Help wanted!

I'm so happy to be writing this post. Happy, but also a little scared.

I have now finished the business plan for Vilda, the world's first vegan click-and-shop fashion and beauty online magazine (the name is Swedish and it means "the wild one"...I find it quite fitting) and sent it over to my mentor, Poppy Dinsey. Today I'm booking a logo design from a design firm. This is real. It's happening.

And I want you to come on this wild ride with me.

UPDATE: I am overwhelmed by all the responses I have gotten - thank you so much guys!! I am now looking for tech-savvy people - please specify your knowledge of Photoshop and Wordpress when you write to me. I'm also looking for cruelty-free beauty bloggers. I'm sorry if I can't reply to everyone - I wasn't ready for the amount of people that would be interested!


Review of Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns

I loved The Devil Wears Prada (the book and the movie both) - I've read the book about three times and practically know every scene of the movie by heart. I remember watching it - again - the night before I began my internship at Cosmopolitan Sweden and once again falling in love with the hectic glamour of it all. It's a guilty pleasure, like a piece of mouthwatering vegan lava cake.

When I found out there was a sequel, I couldn't wait. I was a bit put off by the book's beyond-awful reviews - I'm talking about the reviewers' whining, even if some were on point (the best worst review: this one, actually very well written and accurate on many points). What did they expect, a Nobel Prize winner? Lauren Weisberger's chick-lit is smart, chic and funny, but it's hardly rocket science. With that in mind, I have to say I both liked and disliked the book.



How (not) to approach bloggers: the ultimate PR don't

So this morning I received an email that made me so angry that I just had to do a post on it:

...this is only the first half of a message that sent me into a rage because it proves just how little research PRs do before contacting bloggers. This is a luxury leather company, offering an affiliate collaboration to me - the writer of a cruelty-free, vegan blog.


Vegan on Vacation: Costa Brava, Spain

As much as I looked forward to my holiday in Spain, I was well aware of the fact that "vegan" wasn't exactly the first thing that springs to mind when you think of traditional Spanish cuisine - especially if, like us, you're headed far from big, cosmopolitan cities like Madrid and Barcelona (that, as far as I have heard, do have a vegan scene) to Tossa De Mar, a tiny town on the coast where the typical diet consists of ham, seafood and cheese-topped this-or-the-other. Nevertheless, I was determined to make it work. And you know what? It went wonderfully.


Tales of a week in paradise

I'm back!
I think this is the longest I've been absent from blogging - with all due respect for those really committed, super-dedicated bloggers that update every day, when I go on holiday, I disconnect fully. Plus, the hotel's wi-fi might have been the only thing about this holiday that wasn't completely and utterly perfect.


Pre-holiday musings

I'm sitting in the office sipping an espresso (no, I'm not blogging on the job, it's my lunch break!) contemplating the fact that starting from tomorrow for a week, the last thing on my mind will be deadlines, copy, edits, research and my business plan (well, my business plan will probably stay on my mind...if only there was a way to lock all work files to keep yourself from accessing them during your holiday!). Starting tomorrow for a week, the only issues I'll be pondering will be:

1. How to get tan
2. How not to get burned
3. How to be vegan in a tiny Spanish seaside town


Tips for visiting the Notting Hill Carnival

Yesterday we explored another London event: the Notting Hill Carnival, a Caribbean-inspired two-day festival in one of London's most gorgeous areas. I couldn't wait to go - I was expecting colour, music and an explosion of experiences to share with all of you here on the blog. Well...let's just say it's an experience. I'm happy I went, but I would have been even happier if I had found a post like this one that provided me with some savvy tips on how to navigate this very unique London happening.


Workout update: backbends and buttkicks

I wouldn't want anyone to think I wrote this post and then quit exercising - so here's a quick update! 

First of all, a confession: I never went running. It just BORES me to tears. I guess there is no "one size fits all" formula to exercising and for me personally, running just doesn't do it. The fact that it's impossible to do in bad weather doesn't exactly make it more enticing.

So, for cardio, I have downloaded the GAIN Fitness Method Yoga interval cardio app - awesome. I really need my cardio - the first minute of the app left me almost breathless. Seriously, after sixty seconds of "running butt kicks", I was praying for death. Cardio has never been my thing, but this app might be just what I need to finally apply myself (I have a feeling that's what wasn't working before). 


Flathunting in London: an adventure story

When David and I first arrived in London, we were lucky: we found a place to live straight away. It literally didn't take us longer than four days.

When I say "place to live",  I use the term in a very "London" way, meaning that it is what it is: a room in a flatshare. Back then, we were beyond happy. The room is big, the flatmates were nice and who's to argue with a location where you can actually walk to Westminster Abbey? Not to mention Southbank that we're just crazy about.


What I'm looking forward to right now

Our holiday in Spain in just ten short days! There's something very indulgent about knowing that when everyone else will be back from their holidays, I will be just going on mine.

Going back to the Victoria & Albert museum very soon - we went yesterday but there's just so much to see that we have to go back!

Heading to London VegFest - want to come? Check out the info here and join me for a weekend of vegan fabulousness!


On being homesick

Sunset in my hometown of Stockholm 

There's one thing that I feel no one ever talks about when discussing moving to a different place to live. Everyone is quick to give tips on how much money to save, where to look for a flat and a job and even where to meet people. But the one thing that for some reason is never talked about (maybe because it's somehow implied) is the undeniable fact that you will feel homesick.

I first left home at nineteen, eleven years ago, to move to Los Angeles. As excited and happy as I was, leaving my family and friends was so difficult that when I think about it now, I still feel a ball of pain in my chest. But evidently it wasn't enough to scare me off - I proceeded to move to Florence, Milan, and now London. If you discount the one year I spent living in Stockholm doing internships in 2009-2010, I have now lived out of my home country on and off for almost ten years.

 When I moved back home after uni in 2009, I took David with me. Born and raised in Milan, moving to Sweden for a year was David's first time being away from his family for a long time, although he'd spent summers away working before. In 2010, we moved back to Milan and now we're close to celebrating a year in London, so he's lived outside Milan for three years. I guess it takes a while, because he's not half as homesick as I am.


Morgan Bogle: stylish, fabulous...and vegan!

I love seeing vegan fashion showcased on mainstream fashion websites like Fashionista, who featured Morgan Bogle, founder of amazing vegan handbag brand Freedom of Animals. Morgan is a former stylist who was raised vegan and designs a range of eco-friendly vegan handbags - read my post on them here!


From Vogue to Vegan: get Daria Werbowy's look

Daria Werbowy is my all-time favourite supermodel. She may not be the most famous woman in the world, the most scandalous or the one you're used to seeing stumbling out of a club in her underwear (hello Kate Moss) and I doubt she'll make the "transition" into a cinema career (something that seems to be a mandatory clause in modelling contracts these days), but she is a MODEL in the most versatile and true sense of the word: she could sell old used Band-Aids if she wanted to. David is in love with her and I totally see that! She's one of the most beautiful women in the world and such a chameleon - she can go from chic Céline to dishevelled-cool Isabel Marant in a heartbeat. Which she does this year - we can enjoy her versatility in both campaigns.

 I find her VOGUE UK editorial (photographed by Patrick Demarchelier; styled by Kate Phelan) one of the best ones of the year so far:


Little updates on my magazine project

So...a little update on how my Big Business Idea is coming along. You know, the one I told you about in this partly excited, partly terrified post.

Yesterday I had my first official meeting with my mentor Poppy Dinsey (you probably know her from What I Wore Today and her own blog, PoppyD) at the beyond-cute Orchard in Holborn - it's a nice vegetarian café that I definitely will be coming back to!


Reason nr 1000 why I heart Mindy Kaling

I find that my role models have changed a lot with the times. As I have grown up (yes, it's inevitable to admit that I have, in fact, grown up, no matter how much I may want to deny this) I no longer want to be the glossy, impossibly beautiful actress; I now aspire to emulate the spirited, successful businesswoman, the inspirational activist or the really funny writer. Especially the latter appeals to me, as writing is my passion in so many ways. This is why my new idols include fabulous TV writer Tina Fey, brilliant journalist Caitlin Moran and the infinitely genius actress and writer Mindy Kaling. Reading the "Don't Peak in High School" chapter of Mindy's autobiographic book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) on the Tube today, I felt like jumping up and down and yelling, "yeah!". Which would have been a very special treat for the other passengers. But I'm fairly certain that if they knew what I was raving about, most of them would agree with me.


VOGUE on fur

Daria "so gorgeous it hurts" Werbowy photographed by Patrick Demarchelier on VOGUE's September 2013 cover

I'm not a  huge VOGUE reader - it's too much "look at all the tennisball-sized diamonds on this 'society' girl whose name means nothing to you!" for my taste, but when I do read VOGUE, it's pretty much always VOGUE UK. The US version is even more show-offy, full of ads and "socialités" (which is just a fancy word for "unemployed") wearing Ralph Lauren, while the Italian one just doesn't do anything for me. I'm not drawn in by it at all, whereas Alexandra Shulman's beautiful, polished yet interesting magazine sometimes makes for luxurious reading, or just flipping through the glossy pages with their stunning photos.

This month's September issue is jam-packed - my arm actually hurt a bit carrying it home yesterday. I love the beyond-beautiful Daria Werbowy on the cover (David has an enormous crush on her - and can you blame him?) and very much enjoyed her editorial and interview - did you know she lives in Cork and is married to a carpenter? Awesome. But one of the main reasons why I was curious about this issue is that this time VOGUE turned their attentions to a quite sticky subject and one that's particularly important to me - FUR!  VOGUE journalist Emily Sheffield actually travelled to Denmark to see a mink farm and investigate the fur trade. Even if I have mixed feelings about the article itself, I'm glad that VOGUE took the step to actually speak out about this very important issue. And it had to be VOGUE UK - I seriously doubt this article would pop up in pelt-pusher Wintour or more-is-more luxury queen Sozzani's respective publications.


An evening of vegan deliciousness: SAF in Kensington

My discovery of amazing places to eat vegan food in London is still just beginning, even if I've been here for ten months now. Yesterday, thanks to the wonder that is Groupon, David and I visited the lovely SAF (stands for Simple Authentic Food, but also is Turkish for "pure) on High Street Kensington. By the way - if there's anyone out there that has a flat on High Street Kensington that you just feel like donating to me, feel free to email. We fell in love with the area and sadly contemplated the fact that there may be a good ten to fifteen years before we can afford to live in a place like that.


Cruelty-Free Beauty Review: B Pure Micellar Water

If you're obsessed with fashion and beauty magazines like me, you've already heard of micellar water. Made for cleansing, it comes from "micelles", oil particles suspended in water, that cling to the impurities of the skin and eliminate them.

I saw the review of B. Pure's cruelty-free and vegan micellar water cleanser on Karris' blog last week and, being that it's £3,32 at Superdrug, I figured I'd give it a shot!


Hi, I'm Sascha and I like to eat

I have a confession to make: I like to eat.

And I don't mean the typically girly, "oh I eat soooo much, look at my fat tummy" *pinches 2mm of skin on stomach* but I really eat. Like a horse. Or worse: like a guy.

I thought of this today when I went to this amazing place next to my office, one where you can make your own salad (my version of heaven...they have houmous and Greek dolma rolls!) and made myself a HUGE takeaway box. That I then ate in the office kitchen. I put almost all of it on a plate, ate it...and then, after some consideration, proceeded to eat what was left in the takeaway box. I care about beans and tomatoes too much to throw them out just because everyone else around me nibbles on a lettuce leaf going, "it's too hot to eat".


Saturday in Covent Garden

If you've got a somewhat cloudy London Saturday with nothing to do on your hands, my tip is to take a walk. Relish the the luxury of walking (yes, I consider walking a luxury!) to Leicester Square, through Chinatown and all the way to Covent Garden. Walk around the market, look at people, stop and be amused by one (or a few) of the street artists. Enjoy your Saturday, every delightful minute of it.


Creating the vegan capsule wardrobe: the perfect 10

Note: the products in the pictures are not necessarily vegan. However, info on where to find the vegan version of each product is provided at the end of each paragraph.

As vegan fashionistas, we know dressing well is doubly important for us: after all, we're on a mission to prove that yes, you can dress cruelty-free without looking like you grabbed the first piece of polyester you could find on some shelf and draped it around yourself. For every compliment we receive for our shoes, every time someone notices that we look good, another message is sent: vegan fashion is fabber than fab. So going that extra mile to leave a lasting stylish impression is worth it! And so is creating the perfect compassionate capsule wardrobe, although that might take some work.

Here are the ten pieces that will get you well on your way:

The cozy (wool-free) cable knit

I am SUCH a fan of cable knits. Frankly, the only thing I dislike about summer is that I can't wear cable knits (okay, that and insects). A good cable knit sweater will look cozy-chic with jeans, over a floaty skirt or under a faux-leather jacket. It's really tricky to find them wool-free...but it can be done, and even on the high street! I'd even go so far as to say especially on the high street, as high-end designers tend to use wool.

They do it well: H&M, ASOS

If anyone knows any eco-friendly wool-free vegan knit brands, let me know!