Sunday Inspiration - 2 December

This week, I'm inspired by random things: the light of a candle, a wedge heel, a guitar solo (yes, my boyfriend is a huge source of inspiration!), a cup of tea, a sunset, a lipstick shade. As 2012 comes to an end, let's laugh at the "end of the world" prophecies and get inspired by the tiny, beautiful miracles in everyday life.

pictures from They All Hate Us, Pinterest, Little Snob Thing and Fashionista.


  1. Caspita quanta bellezza, mi piace tutto. In particolare i due tesori di cuccioli e... beh, sì, anche Ryan Gosling ;-)

  2. che bella la foto del maxi maglione e i jeans!!!

    la scena di holly che si trucca in macchina è bellissima...


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