Sunday Inspiration - 16 December

Yesterday I went to this supercool place, the London Street Feast (now, if I can just make my photos look decent, a post on it is coming up soon) - a friend of ours was playing there with his band. If you happen to be in London this month, you HAVE to go - promise me you'll go! I'll go with you if you want.

This place inspired me to give this week's batch of inspiration a cozy, wintry theme - enjoy!


  1. Oh, stelline, stelline ovunque! Le amo! Poi abbinate a lana grossa che si trasforma in maglioni, guanti e calzettoni mi da proprio l'idea di inverno magico!
    Londra dev'essere spettacolare in questo periodo..Un abbraccio!
    (Quella collanina la voglio!)

    1. Anche io amo le stelline in ogni loro declinazione! Londra é sempre magica, ma in questo periodo...wow. è incredibile. Veramente incredibile.

  2. The photos are so lovely! Cozy knitwear, a chocolate cake and a hot beverage sounds like a great plan for a Sunday afternoon :)
    Love the pic with the kitten, it's so adorable!

  3. så himla fint. och! älskar din header.

  4. I love those cozy socks! And that little kitten is adorable. :)



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