As I pack my suitcase for my New Year's vacation at my family's currently snowed-in house in Sweden, I can't help but let my mind drift to that inevitable subject: resolutions. Every year on the hazy final days of December, as we toss out the Christmas gift wrappers and finish the mulled wine, most of us dream away planning the new year, setting goals, making resolutions. Making promises to ourselves. Some of these promises dissipate into the January fog, melting off with all the holiday cheer. Others stay put, grow into dreams, plant the seed of motivation. Whether it's a gym membership or a passport and a suitcase, a new year's resolution holds power.

For 2012, I vowed to become a freelance writer, go vegan and move to London. It all went quite well: I quit my job on 15 June and pretty much converted to veganism on the spot. Both of these things brought challenges, motivation crises and tighter purse strings, but they ultimately made me a stronger, braver, more interesting person. And on the 4th of September, my plane to London lifted, carrying me into a new, head-over-heels life. I'll always remember this crazy, gutsy move as one of the best decisions I've ever made. 2012 was a dream-come-true year for me and even more proof that when I set my mind to something...sooner or later I will move there.

I have a good feeling about 2013. I feel like it will be a WOW year. I'm turning 30 this year, my sister is getting married, I'm starting a new job - in London! - and I'm going to a  30 Seconds to Mars concert in Stockholm this summer. If that's not a kick-ass year, I don't know what is.

...so...drumroll please...here go the resolutions:

To have a career worth getting out of bed for.
OK, no one dances out of the shower on Monday mornings. But as I approach the big 3-0, I find myself wanting to spend my days doing something that feels right. Whether it's working for myself or for someone else, I want to genuinely like what I do and feel good about going to work. 

To get our very own London apartment.
I'm not necessarily setting out to be a homeowner, but in 2013 I dream of a little piece of London that David and I can call our own, even if it's rented. A one-bedroom, maybe, all ours to decorate and love. Which brings us to the next dream...

To finally adopt an animal companion.
Living pet-less is no life and a home without an animal is not a home. In 2013, I vow to bring a little puppy and/or kitty into my life (and into the aforementioned apartment). Preferably both, so they can play together.

To commit to yoga.
I miss yoga so much. I can't wait to Zen it out like there's no tomorrow with a cute little mat and maybe even some cool new gym outfits. This year, I am finally becoming a yoga bunny and nothing will stand in my way.

...and, well, you know. To be happy.

I wish all of you a magnificent 2013. I hope it will truly be your year. I hope all your dreams come true more spectacularly than you ever thought possible. I hope you laugh and cry with laughter. I hope you love someone and hug them a lot. I hope you see, do and learn new things. I hope you'll eat tons of good food! I hope you find everything you're searching for...and way more!

I leave you with Zooey and Joseph as I fly off to a snowy Stockholm! See you in 2013.

Pictures from Pinterest and WeHeartIt, video from YouTube.


  1. Loved this post. Congratulations on achieving what you had planned for this year, I can't wait to keep up with your journey in 2013. Have fun in Stockholm! :)

  2. How wonderful that everything worked out! Hope your 2013 resolutions are just as wonderful and successful :)

  3. Ricambio il tuo augurio Sascha. :-)
    Ho tanti desideri, ma il più grande è quello di trovare ogni giorno una valida motivazione per viverlo con pienezza fino in fondo.

  4. Thanks for a wonderful post. So inspiring! Have a nice vacation and wish you all the best in 2013.

  5. Haha, I have that video on my new years post later today too! We are so in sync. Please promise me that you will share puppy and kitty photos, I beg you x

  6. Great post Sascha! Hope you have a wonderful New Year in snowy Sweden and that 2013 is even bigger and better than 2012 was :)


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