New Year, New Job!

So yesterday...I got a job offer!

I've been applying for jobs for a while - London is so full of opportunities, and missing out on them to sit at Costa Coffee and wonder about my next paycheck seemed like a waste of chances. So I set out on a search for something that seemed interesting and flexible - something to combine with freelancing and at the same time provide me with opportunities to meet some people, since, in the words of Britney, "my loneliness is killing me." And after a number of interviews, I finally got an offer for a temporary position as a copywriter with a really cool online fashion boutique retailer!

On what was initially an accidental quest for my first employment in London (when I saw a job ad that called my name, I applied. And then more. And then a couple of others), I realised something: job hunting is addictive. Once you start sending CVs, you get hooked. You start counting how many applications you send out and how many of them score you an interview. As soon as you get the interview, a downward spiral begins: will there or won't there be a second interview? If there is one, will you get it? Will you be chosen? Will you be nixed and in that case why? Job hunting is a trap and freedom's only granted when you manage to win an offer. After a while, I was setting deadlines for myself: I wanted to go home to Sweden for New Year's with a job offer for the new year in my pocket. Now, as a freelancer, I have never failed a deadline, and I wasn't about to start now.

As it happens, in the past three months I have interviewed with no less than FOUR of my absolute dream companies. And all four have, for one reason or another, chosen someone else. Job hunting is also, or has the potential to be, absolutely spirit-crushing. But every time, no matter how many pick-me-up shopping trips I went on and how many anti-depressant cookies I ate, I've learned something. 

Maybe that's one of the reasons why yesterday I finally got offered a three-month flexible gig as a copywriter for a really cool fashion company with what seems to be a super-nice (and stylish!) boss and - here's the best part - a few days a week in the office and a few days from home. Heaven or what? 

Yesterday I celebrated with my boyfriend and some mulled wine - forget the Mayans and the end of the world, now is my new beginning!

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  1. Yuppieeee! Sono molto felice per te! Anche io spero in qualcosa del genere per il prossimo anno! :*

    1. Grazie! Beh se ce l'ho fatta io ce la farai anche tu! Comunque è una cosa temporanea, solo tre mesi, ma è il mio primo contratto a Londra!

  2. What a fantastic Christmas present! Congratulations :)

  3. Congratulations on the job! I'm so happy for you and it sounds like something you're going to enjoy a LOT. & yes, forget the Mayans. It's a new beginning :)

  4. hahahah quanto ti capisco per la spirale dei curricula... anche io sono impazzita per i primi giorni...
    però poi alla fine risulta pure divertente! Ti mette in gioco :D

  5. complimenti!!bella notizia!
    se ti va passa da me che c'è un nuovo post =)


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