London Street Feast: Art Meets Music Meets Food Meets Christmas

One of the reasons why I love this city is because there's always lots more to discover. There's always something new around the corner and three months into living here, I still feel like a tourist. I guess that's part of the magic of London.

This weekend we went to see a friend play with his band at the London Street Feast and the Christmas event that's taking over this Hackney food market this month. I couldn't believe how cool this place was - it was like a secret little Christmassy underworld in there. If you like art, music, food or Christmas, this is your thing. If you just like mulled wine, it's still your thing.

This is exactly what I love about living here - that every day and every night turns into an opportunity to see and experience new things. That a concept like Christmas can be tweaked, added to, enhanced, to come to mean something new. That London is right here, right now, and always much more than what you expected.

All photos by me 


  1. Looks like fun. Never been to London. Hopefully one day.

  2. Coffee and heels : such a good association :)

    Nice blog :)


  3. lovely blog girlie, let's follow each other! xx


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