I Want: Statement Necklaces

Lately, I've been way more of a bracelets-and-rings girl (I refuse to call it an "arm party", sorry), but now with all these big, chunky necklaces hitting more affordable shops than Marni and Mawi, it's hard not to get distracted by those huge, sparkly pieces of amazingness.

I'd love to wear one of these luxe, lavish necklaces paired effortlessly with the cool, charming nonchalance of a faux-leather jacket or a cozy winter coat, a pair of jeans, an oversize jumper and messy hair. Or, on a lazy Saturday, with a denim skirt and faux-leather leggings. And, of course, a big dose of confidence - these babies ain't no wallflowers.

Here's a bit of inspiration featuring the new super necklaces:

...by now you must be thinking, "I need one of these, now, if not sooner!" I know how you feel. In case you're on a budget like me, here's the way to go:

3. H&M


6. Topshop (my favourite!)

Pictures from Pinterest and WeHeartIt


  1. mi piacciono soprattutto quelle con le pietre grosse, sia brillanti che colorate. ne ho in wishlist una gigante tipo quella nelle foto di zara!

  2. I am loving statement necklaces too, particularly after seeing Darcy on Strictly sporting a rather fetching blue and gold number a few weeks back. I really like number 2, great price!

  3. Io ne ho uno in onice, realizzato a mano, da una mia amica: praticamente sono sei fili di pietre, ed ogni filo ha pietre sempre più grandi. L'unico difetto è che rimane molto pesante, a fine giornata fa male il collo. ;-)


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