Happy December!

One of my favourite months is finally here!

I adore December (my other favourite month is June, because that's when my birthday is) for millions of reasons: Christmas lights, vegan hot chocolate, Christmas songs, cozy scarves and snoods, the scent of Christmas trees, family, Christmas shopping, mulled wine, Christmas movies...okay, I admit it: although I'm not at all religious, I love the holidays! I think December has an atmosphere about it that's so unique - I always try to capture every joyful minute of this marvellous month, worried that it'll somehow slip through my fingers and leave room for dreary January and sleepy February way too early.

What I have planned for this beautiful December (my first in London!)

Drink all the mulled wine and all the vegan hot chocolate I can get my hands on.

See the Steve Vai concert at Hammersmith Apollo tomorrow - he's a fantastic guitarist and it's an early Christmas present for David.

Watch every Christmas movie on the telly.

Buy as many cozy jumpers and skinny jeans that I can find on sale.

Listen to all my favourite Christmas songs

See my sister! Finally! Just so you know how my family works: we're Russian, so "our" Christmas is January 7th. David and I still celebrate "regular" Christmas on December 25th as well.
This year, my sister, who lives in Ukraine at the moment, is coming to visit me on December 24th and staying until December 31st, when all three of us (me, her and David) jet off to Sweden to celebrate the New Year and Russian Christmas. I can't wait to see her - and to have my first Christmas in London!

Today I actually crossed off two things from my December to-do list: buy a Christmas tree (a small, plastic one from Argos) and visit Winter Wonderland! More on both of these in upcoming posts!

Happy December to all of you!

Picture from my Instagram


  1. Oh I love mulled wine.. your plans for the month sound brilliant :)

    I agree about december having its own special feeling too, everyone just seems so happy and giddy this time of year x

  2. Yup. December is it for me, too. This is my happy place. I am so excited about so many similar adventures waiting to be had this holiday season.

    Have a wonderful month! :)

  3. Adoro dicembre, รจ il mio mese. :-)
    Peccato, come dici tu, che fugge via sempre troppo in fretta.
    Sei bellissima in quella foto.


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