Festive London: Winter Wonderland

If, like me, you're lucky enough to live in London, you have an entire month of merry, twinkly holiday atmosphere to look forward to - and it doesn't get any better than the all-out glitter, tinsel and mulled wine-fest that David and I visited last weekend: Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

Remember when you were a kid and December meant that your entire world took on a new, cozy, warm, colourful light? When you spent an entire month looking forward to something with that buzzing, can't-wait excitement? Winter Wonderland will help you remember all that and feel like a kid again!

This holiday season, the park is transformed into a sparkling, ultra-merry, super-festive Christmas-themed amusement park complete with rollercoasters, merry-go-rounds, hot chocolate (yes, with soy milk too!), all kinds of games, music and of course mulled wine. It's a concentrate of season's festiveness and a must-go for anyone as crazy about the holidays as I am. This is the stuff that cozy, Christmassy, slightly too cold fairy tales are made of!

All pictures by me (I may not be the world's best photographer, but taking pictures for the blog wherever I go has made me so much more able to notice the endless supply of beautiful things around us).


  1. That looks beautiful! I think I would have been hyperventilating with excitement if I'd seen it in person!

  2. Carousel, mulled wine, x-mas is in town!!

  3. Ci sono stata! Stupendo questo luna park!!!

  4. I went last week! It was so Christmas-y, I loved it! My boyfriend and I went on the 'Angry Mouse' ride (I think that's what it's called), and we thought we were going to die... but in a fun way! :)


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